Hospitality Service Laundry

Commercial, Professional Laundry Solutions for Hotels, Spas and Restaurants

Many hotels, spas and guest houses are choosing to bring laundry services in-house, rather than relying on external service suppliers. The upfront cost of this step-change can be daunting, but with a choice of payment options from JTM you can rest assured that your goal is within reach, no matter what your budget constraints.

Being in control of the quality of wash and finish of your laundered bed linen is appealing for hotels working hard to maintain the very highest of standards. JTM has the right laundry package for you, with a wide range of heavy-duty washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary ironers 

What’s more, protecting your equipment with a class-leading JTM maintenance solution, where your first call out is free, will give you additional peace of mind.

For more information on professional laundry for the hospitality industry, download our information leaflet here.