Specialist Miele Professional Partnership to suit the needs of any business

At JTM Service we have over 35 years’ experience in the supply and maintenance of commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and rotary irons.

JTM Service have been working closely with Miele for over 30 years and we are part of the prestigious Miele Professional Partnership, in fact we were a founding member of the Miele Professional Partnership when it was formed in January 2002.

We pride ourselves on being the go-to company for service without compromise, promising to always give professional and impartial advice so you get the package that’s right for you.

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We are proud to be the Approved Miele Professional Partner in Yorkshire, Humberside and the North East. We work closely with Miele to provide the highest quality service and our installation and service teams have been fully trained by Miele, which ensures that all the equipment supplied by us is installed to Miele’s specification and current legislation, and our engineers are fully trained to service and maintain your laundry and dishwashing equipment.

We work across a range of sectors including Care, Hospitals, Housing Associations, Facilities Management, Animal Care and Hospitality. We understand that each sector is different and our highly trained staff can tailor a laundry or dishwashing solution to meet the exacting requirements of your industry, delivering efficiency through optimised performance. Whether you need a fully
designed laundry for a Care Home, or you need a single dishwasher for a small café, our approach will always be the same – open, honest and reliable.

To find out more about our Miele Professional partnership please contact us today.

Miele commercial flatwork ironer suitable for B&B's, care homes and NHS, hospitals

Miele PM 1210 Flatwork Ironer

Available to buy outright or to lease

Rotary ironer, electrically heated. With the latest controls and flexible working height.


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Miele PT 7186 Vario XL Tumble Dryer

Available to buy outright or to lease

Vented dryer, electrically heated. Specially designed for marine requirements.


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Miele PW 6080 Vario XL Washing Machine

Available to buy outright or to lease

Commercial Washing Machine, electrically heated with suspended drum unit, very short cycle time of 53 minutes and drain pump.


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Ways to pay

With JTM Service, you can obtain state-of-the-art commercial laundry and ware washing equipment from market-leading brands by buying up-front or taking out our unique Comfort Care package.

And, if you want multiple appliances, you can, of course, mix the two.

Comfort Care Package

Comfort Care, on the other hand, provides the appliances plus a comprehensive annual maintenance and rapid-reaction breakdown service. It comes without upfront capital cost and just single, affordable, predictable monthly payments, typically for three to five years.

The package ensures you avoid extended downtime and your machine complies with law, regulation and guidelines. It can also improve your operation’s speed, output quality, energy efficiency and bills.

Your Comfort Care plan includes:

  • Best appliance for your needs
  • Year-round Breakdown Cover
  • No call-out charges or repair bills
  • Annual equipment service

Buying your machine outright

We offer outright purchase as we appreciate that many customers - including public sector organisations - are compelled, or prefer, to fully own these assets from day one.

Fast friendly support for laundry systems in your sector

Got a question about sales & service for your laundry facility? Drop us a line and get an expert reply. In a hurry? Just call us free on: 0800 652 5692.