Our partnership with Miele

What Our Miele Professional Dealer Status Means

We’re market-leaders. This means you can count on us to provide you with commercial washing machine and tumble dryer solutions that 100% meet your needs.


We also provide a whole host of maintenance solutions that are suitable for the widest range of sectors too. And we’ve been established for 30+ years – that’s the same amount of time we’ve been working with global industry giant, Miele Professional, for.


Our relationship with Miele Professional extends way beyond simply supplying their products

We’re the authorised dealer for Miele Professional clients in Yorkshire Humberside and the North East, making us the go-to point of contact for all sales and service queries. In fact, we were the first company to be awarded Miele Professional dealer status.


What does this mean for our customers?

  • All of our staff are Miele trained and receive the latest product development updates – meaning you benefit from up-to-the-minute Miele Professional products, services and advice at all times.
  • Our Miele Professional insight is unrivalled – we can meet every customer need, from design and installation, right through to aftersales service and training in areas, such as equipment operation and industry standards.
  • And so is our customer service – over the years, we’ve established a high level of trust, which is reflected by the number of Miele Professional happy customers we have across the region.
  • We excel at solving complex challenges – give us a challenge, we’ll solve it. We even specialise in installing standard equipment in highly-specialised environments. For instance:
    • We’ve created several decontamination centres that have enabled the NHS to wash specialist mattresses and bedding to the required standards.


‘JTM offers a partnership approach with an unbeatable service from dedicated professionals with experience in your sector. They offer flexible service solutions and a comprehensive analysis of appliances. The installation team has been fully trained by Miele, which ensures that all the equipment supplied by them is installed to our specification and current legislation.’ – Miele Professional.


To find out more about our Miele Professional partnership or to benefit from our industry-leading product insight and services, contact us today or call 0800 652 5692.