Care Homes

Our comprehensive experience working with individual care homes and with large care home groups means we understand the importance of having effective laundry and dishwashing equipment which deliver optimum performance, maximise hygiene and infection control, whilst minimising costs and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

We work with care homes to help to design and implement bespoke laundry rooms, we supply and install the latest high-performance commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and rotary ironers, and we provide unrivalled maintenance and repair packages.


We work with a number of Hospitals and NHS Trusts supplying and servicing their laundry and dishwasher equipment across site including in the laundry, the kitchens and on wards. Our machines are fully approved under the Water Regulations Advisory Schemes (WRAS), we can offer specific mop-cleaning laundry equipment and our fresh-water thermal disinfecting dishwashers are ideal for ward ends.

We also offer a bespoke temperature validation service to confirm compliance with Department of Health guidance in HTM 01-04. Our extensive experience working with hospitals and NHS Trusts means we have designed flexible maintenance and repair plans which can be tailored to meet requirements and ensure the best possible service.

Housing Associations

There are many reasons why leading social housing providers feel right at home with JTM Service.

Perhaps the most important is our lengthy track record of working with them to design and implement effective and efficient bespoke laundry rooms and launderettes. Where the latter are concerned, we ensure, among other benefits, they’re safe and easy to use, including by elderly residents. Our experienced engineers and our comprehensive administrative support means we offer Service Without Compromise

Facilities Management

If you manage facilities, you should know of our abilities.

That’s because we have over 40 years’ experience in helping facilities management companies design and implement bespoke laundry rooms at sites such as hospitals, care homes and social housing developments. Whether the task is maximising existing laundry rooms or starting new ones, we optimise their effectiveness and efficiency. This includes by ensuring they contain exactly the right machines and accessories for clients’ needs, whatever specifications, budgets or time constraints apply.

Architecture & Construction

Our long-standing relationships with leading architecture and construction specialists are built on firm foundations.

That’s because we have over 40 years’ experience in helping their experts design and implement bespoke laundry rooms at sites for buildings such as hospitals, care homes and social housing. We assist these professionals to install exactly the right rooms, appliances and accessories for their clients’ needs, whatever their specifications, time constraints and budgets.


Organisations in the hospitality industry – such as hotels, spas and guest houses – are guaranteed a warm welcome at JTM Service.

We have over 40 years’ experience of providing services to customers like these and are increasingly supplying sector operators bringing laundry operations in-house, after relying on external organisations.

Animal Care

If you work in an animal care business, dealing with JTM Service will make you feel like the cat that got the cream.

That’s the case whether your organisation is a vet’s practice, dog groomer, cattery or livery stables, for example, and whatever its size. We offer bespoke Laundry solutions for Vets & Animal Care.

We’re vastly experienced in recommending, providing and installing the latest high-performance commercial washing machines and tumble dryers meeting animal care businesses’ needs exactly. Our wide range of appliances, from light to heavy duty, comes from market-leading brands such as Miele, Girbau and Primus.


We have extensive experience working in Prisons, including supplying and installing commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, and servicing and repairing them.

We understand the specialist requirements of working in a Prison, such as security concerns, privacy requirements, high volume throughput and the need for efficient and durable equipment. We are proud that prisons, whether they established prisons or being built or redeveloped, trust JTM Service to support their needs.


At JTM Service we understand the needs of the education sector – from private schools and colleges, to universities and student accommodation.

We supply and install the latest high-performing, energy efficient commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers to meet the high demands and throughput required. We also provide an unrivalled service for maintenance and repairs, delivering our promise of Going The Extra Mile for our customers.

Managing Multiple Sites?

If you’re responsible for laundry rooms at multiple sites, such as care homes or social housing developments, we can offer you various special services.

We can, of course, recommend and install as many state-of-the-art new commercial laundering and ware washing appliances, supplied by market-leading brands, meeting your exact needs, as you want. You can obtain these either by buying outright or via our unique Comfort Care acquisition, maintenance and rapid-reaction breakdown package, demanding only single, affordable, predictable monthly payments.