It’s an increasingly competitive world out there, particularly in sectors such as the hotel industry where customer experience and satisfaction is everything.

But not all hotels have the same resources available to them – some are on the larger scale and cater for hundreds of customers a day, while others are more of a bijoux affair and welcome a select number of guests through their doors.

Limited service hotels are typically smaller than most full-service properties and, as a result, cater for their customers using fewer people and resources. But there’s no reason why this type of hotel should suffer because of their compact setup. If anything, this type of approach is based on carrying out specific actions that ensure customers have the best possible experience.

So, what do these steps involve?

Well, according to this article published by Hotel Management, they can range from generating rave guest reviews and making sure staff look professional at all times, to something that we know all about – cleanliness.

The article highlights the importance of owners and managers showing staff what acceptable levels of cleanliness look like, which we know shouldn’t just relate to how clean the bathroom is or how many times the floor has been cleaned, but the finer, all-important details, such as how clean the bed sheets are.

Regardless of if they’re in an exclusive hotel or budget venue, customers expect to be able to end their day in a bed with crisp, white sheets, nothing less. Sounds, perfectly acceptable right? Well, it is, if hotels are equipped with the right commercial laundry facilities to clean their sheets to bright white standards.

For instance, like standard machines, commercial washing machines come in a huge range of different models and with a whole host of different settings, all designed to deliver different results.

Your laundry may look clean, but has it been washed at a temperature that’s 100% killed all of the ‘hidden’ germs that are lurking in it? And is your laundry being put through the right type of spin so that it gets the most stubborn of stains out, first time around?

These are all questions commercial laundry specialists, like us, can help you answer quickly and with minimum fuss. You’ll find more questions designed to make sure your machines help you tick the truly clean sheets box, in our blog, ‘How to give guests the glacier-white sheets they’re after.’

Whether you’re on the large or small end of the spectrum, there’s no reason why you (and your sheets) shouldn’t be whiter than white in the cleaning stakes. For more information or to discuss your commercial laundry requirements with us, contact us on or 0800 652 5692.