How does limescale damage the washing machine?

Whilst the results of limescale build up can be easily seen in things like your kettle and on taps, unfortunately you cannot easily see the damage it is doing to your washing machine. Hard water leads to limescale build up on the heating elements, as seen in the images below:

This can cause the elements to work harder and, ultimately, to fail. Limescale can also affect seals, pipes, hoses and the drum, resulting in the breakdown of your machine and potentially to flooding.

Benefits of descaling

Regular descaling of your machine will reduce breakdowns and improve the longevity of the washing machine, as well as improving the performance and energy efficiency – minimising downtime and saving money. It can also help remove and prevent unwanted odours.

How to descale your machine

To descale the machine, we would recommend using a specialist good quality descaler, such as the Miele Descaler. The descaler is added to the machine, either in the detergent drawer or directly in the drum depending on the product being used, and then a “maintenance wash” or a normal wash cycle with hot water setting (e.g. cottons 90°) is run. Once the cycle is complete it is best to leave the door slightly open for a short time to help prevent mould.

The descaler works by dissolving existing limescale deposits as well as any soap or detergent residues left behind in your machine. A commercial descaler is particularly effective at this, helping eliminate limescale deposits from the various machine parts, as well as helping deodorise your machine. It is recommended that you descale your machine regularly, at least 1-3 times a year.

How JTM Service can help

At JTM Service we recommend planned preventative maintenance as the best practice method to keep your equipment in good working order. We are able to descale your machine as part of this maintenance visit, or alternatively as a standalone visit or during a repair call out.

For information on descaling your commercial washing machine, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or email and we will be delighted to help.