According to research carried out by Miele Professional, 31% of hotel guests say that clean, crisp sheets make them feel most ‘at home.’

The same research also revealed that the biggest concerns for hotel guests are the state of the bed sheets (67%), pillows (61%) and bed covers/blankets (61%). Furthermore, a high level of cleanliness in hotels encourages people to return, with 55% viewing it as a deciding key factor.

However, while it should be a standard practice, making sure every single pillowcase, duvet cover and under sheet is in pristine condition can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple loads to get through, day in, day out.

Sound familiar? The good news is that, regardless of how busy you might be or how many washes you have to get through, it is possible to guarantee the results your guests expect, without having to focus more of your time and attention on your laundry.

And here’s how to do it, in three simple steps:

STEP 1: Review your appliances

Take stock of all of your washing machines and ask yourself, are they all fit for purpose? Are they designed to deliver the same high standards, regardless of how busy things get in your commercial laundry room?

In-built features, such as automatic load control and thermal disinfection programmes, which can be found in Miele, Electrolux and Girbau models, can help you to easily optimise your wash performance. There are even models that incorporate energy efficient programmes to help you reduce the cost of your laundry, as well as maintain high standards.

STEP 2: Don’t just focus on your appliances

While it may be easy just focus on the performance of your washing machines, your cleaning results are also determined by other factors too, such as the accessories and detergents that you use.

Making sure your accessories are compatible with your appliances will help boost performance, as will making sure that the detergents you’re using are fit for purpose. Whether you use detergent capsules or liquid capsules, make sure they are:

  • Developed with a high anionic and non-ironic balance ratio to combat stains
  • Designed to withstand the demands of your cleaning regimes – for instance, we can create bespoke detergent packages that contain a wide range of different chemicals and are designed to consistently achieve spotless results

STEP 3: Invest in your equipment

So, if you’ve followed steps one and two, then you’ll now have the right fundamentals in place to ensure your appliances, accessories and detergents are a) tailored to your needs and b) will deliver the right results, time-and-time again.

But what happens if something goes wrong with your appliances? With the heavy wear and tear associated with commercial laundry, it’s inevitable for repairs and breakdowns to take place. However, if your appliances aren’t operating to their full potential, then the overall results can be majorly compromised.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your appliances always deliver consistent results is to give them a little bit of TLC by making sure they’re serviced annually, at the very least. Take our Comfort Care package, for example, it provides our customers with everything they need to keep their equipment in full working order 365 days of the year.


Got any questions or want to find out more about how we can help you ensure your laundry’s always spotlessly clean and meets your guests’ expectations? Or perhaps you’d like to talk to us about our comprehensive Comfort Care package? Contact us today.