Laundry solutions for Vets & Animal Care

If you work in an animal care business, dealing with JTM Service will make you feel like the cat that got the cream.

That’s the case whether your organisation is a vet’s practice, dog groomer, cattery or livery stables, for example, and whatever its size. We offer bespoke Laundry solutions for Vets & Animal Care.

We’re vastly experienced in recommending, providing and installing the latest high-performance commercial washing machines and tumble dryers meeting animal care businesses’ needs exactly. Our wide range of appliances, from light to heavy duty, comes from market-leading brands such as Miele, Girbau and Primus.

And if you don’t want up-front capital cost, we offer a range of negotiable alternatives to outright purchase, involving single, affordable, predictable monthly payments.

Our service is reinforced by unrivalled bespoke maintenance and repair packages, available whether you obtained your equipment from us or not. These can include annual maintenance and rapid reaction breakdown visits – we have fast access to over 350,000 spare parts and an enviable 94.6 per cent first time fix rate.

We therefore ensure benefits vital to animal care businesses, such as:

  • Maximised machine speed, output quality and energy efficiency
  • Minimised downtime and costs, both capital and running  
  • Compliance with all relevant law and regulation     

Some animal care businesses think they can save money by using domestic washing machines but then discover the hard way they’ve barked up the wrong tree. That’s because commercial models tend to:

  • Be built to cope with more and heavier wash loads, including of materials like animal blankets, rugs and bedding
  • Have more specialist functions and settings, such as those banishing hair and bacteria, that reduce blockages and other problems
  • Be made to last longer, so don’t need replacing as often
  • Aid control of infections and other animal diseases better, by reaching and holding higher temperatures to clean more deeply   
  • Be approved under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, the easiest and most reliable way of demonstrating machines comply with water supply rules…unlike most domestic models, all our appliances have this accreditation.

Commercial washing machines also usually have longer-lasting warranties, like that in our unique Comfort Care package, which provides complete protection – including parts, labour and fast call-outs – 24/7. Comfort Care’s term is negotiable but typically lasts three to five years.

Domestic machines, in contrast, normally have warranties lasting only two years, covering just problems that tend to arise in homes, and applying merely where the equipment is used in these locations.

We deliver all these benefits using our unique partnership approach we call service without compromise.

So, if you want to sleep as easily as the creatures you care for, you now know where to come.


Are you WRAS compliant?

If you run a veterinary practice, it is important to be aware of the WRAS water regulations and how it could affect your practice. Why not download our free guide to washing and disinfecting for vets, which contains everything you need to know to keep your business one step ahead of the latest regulations.

Download "A Guide to Washing & Disinfecting for Vets"

Are you washing pet bedding correctly?

This handy guide has been designed to help kennels, catteries, animal daycare centres and animal grooming businesses so that you can provide the pets you care for with the cleanest, allergy free bedding possible. Find out more of our helpful tips to keep your pet bedding clean and allergy free, by downloading our "Guide to Washing Pet Bedding" brochure via the button below.

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Fast friendly support for  laundry systems in the Animal Care sector

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A much more productive laundry system for your Veterinary Clinic

“First impressions matter and the appearance of both our staff and waiting facilities can have a huge impact on our reputation. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible care at all times and our laundry facility has a crucial role to play in us delivering on this commitment.” - Rebecca Lunn, Operations co-ordinator at Paragon Veterinary Referrals

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