Presentation is everything within the hospitality industry and the cleanliness of your rooms often determines whether or not your guests will return. So, when your hotel rooms look pristine and tidy, you can feel confident that you’re going to make a good first impression.

But what about the dirt that we can’t see? How can this affect customer experience and, in turn, your reputation? Could hidden dirt be damaging to your business?

A recent investigation by the BBC One programme, Rip Off Britain: Holidays would suggest so. The programme found dangerously high levels of bacteria in hotel rooms across Britain; from budget options right through to high-end luxury establishments.

The programme tested five hotel rooms in the UK and found bacteria hidden on everything from the light switches to bed sheets. Talking on the show, Microbiologist Dr Gomez-Escalada described how:

“For at risk groups; the very old, the very young, those with low immunity coming into contact with this level of bacteria could be potentially dangerous.”

Worryingly, one of the main harbourers were the blankets. Although the linen looked clean to the naked eye, residual hidden bacteria was discovered on the surface of the fabric.

So, how can you mitigate the risks of such bacteria?

Using professional laundry appliances is the only way to ensure that your linen is being cleaned effectively. When outsourcing your laundry or using domestic appliances, you can’t be certain that your linen is being cleaned to the highest possible standard 100% of the time.

Our professional laundry equipment is built by market-leading manufacturers like Miele, Electrolux and Girbau, and is designed with specialist inbuilt features to ensure consistent results. Choose a professional machine and benefit from:

  • Automatic load control for optimum wash performance
  • Thermal disinfection programme compatible with HTM 01-04 standards
  • Energy efficient programmes to reduce cost per wash

Professional washing machines are an investment in the continued hygiene of your hotel, giving you peace of mind that your laundry operation is equipped to protect your customers by removing even hidden bacteria.

Want some honest advice on choosing the right professional laundry appliances for your hotel? Talk to one of our team today about arranging a free site survey.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays aired 9th Jan 2017 on BBC One.