Commercial Laundry Equipment Solutions for Prisons

Prisons have very strict security requirements, and require commercial laundry equipment which is robust and reliable, can manage large volumes of laundry, is easy to use, meets the highest safety standards, and delivers exceptional performance. They also require a fast, effective and reliable response from their service partner, and to ensure downtime is minimised.

The Needs of Prisons

At JTM Service we have a proven track record supporting Prisons with:

  • the supply and install of the best commercial laundry equipment – whether a project for 130 machines at a new build prison, or a single machine or a small volume of machines to new and established prisons.
  • providing regular planned preventative maintenance service support to keep the equipment in the best working order
  • delivering the fast and effective breakdown and repair response that is required

We specialise in supporting Prisons, and Facilities Management companies who operate Prisons, and we understand their complex, unique requirements. These include:

  • Security – we work with each Prison to meet their specific protocols. This includes ensuring our company and our people have all standards, certificates and passes required; providing all necessary information and documentation in advance; co-ordinating and undertaking attendance on-site; and meeting the strictest safety codes and regulations.
  • High Volume Laundry Demands – whether in the central laundry rooms, or in each prison block, the washing machines and tumble dryers are continually in use and managing high volumes.
  • Performance – whether it is Prison staff or inmates and residents using the machines, the washing performance and results need to be of the highest quality.
  • Strict Hygiene Standards – as well as high volume demands and the highest quality performance, the strictest hygiene and infection control standards are required.
  • Robust, Durable Equipment – we provide the best machines, such as Miele Professional laundry equipment, which are built to last – they are long-lasting, tough and reliable, which is all essential for Prisons.
  • Efficient Equipment – Prisons deal with high volumes of laundry and efficiency is critical to ensure the best results and value for money. We specialise in energy efficient equipment, such as modern heat pump dryers which can reduce energy usage by 66%.
  • Value for Money – as well as cost effective solutions for equipment, the service and repairs provision needs to be value for money to meet budget requirements whilst delivering the high quality and exacting service standards required.
  • Timely Repairs – when a washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher breaks down, a fast response is needed to coordinate with the Prison, attend site and resolve. We also work closely with Prison maintenance teams, including training, to ensure the fastest response possible.
  • Reliable Support – at JTM Service we pride ourselves on our consistent, high quality support. From our engineers to our account management, support and administration teams, we pride ourselves on our service and we Go The Extra Mile for our customers.
  • Planned Maintenance – an agreed schedule of preventative maintenance is the best practice method to keep the equipment in the best possible working order and reduce downtime.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality – there are very specific confidentiality protocols and we complete NDAs as required, and understand the strict privacy requirements.
  • Rehabilitation – Clean, reliable, well maintained laundry equipment promotes a sense of dignity and wellbeing within the prison system and helps with the goal of rehabilitation.

Recent Installation and Servicing Examples

We are proud to support a number of Prisons with both the provision of equipment and the ongoing service and maintenance. Recent examples include:

  • New Prisons – we have supplied and installed over 120 Miele Professional Little Giant Washing Machines and Heat Pump Dryers to 2 newly constructed prisons. These were very large projects and we worked in partnership throughout with the Operators. The Miele Professional equipment provided was the perfect choice for the prisons – it is robust, high performing and energy efficient, it can be stacked, and with it’s footprint of under 1m² it was able to meet capacity requirements over a small footprint. Our specialist in-house installation team coordinated with the Operator to ensure the project was delivered on time, within budget and with exceptional results. We also trained the team on site to help with ongoing maintenance, as well as recommended an on-site stockholding of spare parts, to minimise downtime and ensure optimum performance.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance – we were requested by the Operator of a large Prison to support them with a regular cycle of planned preventative maintenance (‘PPM’) for their commercial washing machines and tumble dryers. We provide a 6 monthly PPM service, with clear actions and outcomes agreed, which ensures the machines are performing optimally and keeps them in the best possible condition.

JTM Service

We are specialists in supporting Prisons and the Operators with their requirements for the supply, installation, service and repair of commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers. We are proud to be the chosen partner for the newly built and long established prisons.

To discuss how JTM Service can support you, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or