Gas Safety Inspections For Your Gas Powered Laundry Equipment

Gas powered laundry equipment, mainly Tumble Dryers, are extensively used in commercial premises and can be more economical and efficient than electric equipment. However, if they are not well maintained and kept compliant they can cause fire, putting your people and your premises at risk, as well as putting you and your business at risk of penalties and prosecution. The Annual Gas Safety check, as well as being legally required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, is a key part of this.

All gas related work, including fittings and checks, must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered company and engineer, as per The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998.  At JTM Service we have a team of Gas Safe registered engineers who are specifically registered for commercial laundry equipment, and our Annual Gas Safety Inspection service is designed to keep you safe and compliant.

What Does An Annual Gas Safety Check Include?

As a Gas Safe-registered company, JTM Service can assist you to meet compliance standards for your commercial Laundry. We will arrange for a certified engineer to conduct a full Gas safety inspection in your laundry.  The engineer will inspect your Laundry equipment and check all components to make sure that you are compliant with Gas Safety regulations.

All the inspection paperwork is created whilst onsite using our Gas inspection App and the paperwork issued will cover the following:

  • Descriptions and locations of all Laundry equipment and ducting examined during the visit
  • Details of the inspection and whether or not the equipment is safe to use
  • Any defects or problems identified and our recommendations for solutions to correct these defects.
  • The Gas Safe register number, name and the signature of the engineer

Once completed, we will issue the certificate immediately for your compliance files.

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