What is appWash?

appWash is a digital solution for the operation and cashless payment of Miele laundry equipment. It is a popular solution for student accommodation and other vended laundries.

How Does appWash Work?

appWash works with Miele Professional laundry equipment, for example the Little Giant range (JTM Service – Miele Little Giants).

  • USERS – can see the status and availability of the washing machines and tumble dryers in the self-service laundry at all times, and can book and pay for washing or drying. This is done from the free, easy to use Miele appWash app.
  • OPERATORS – appWash allows the operator to make your laundry room digital. It removes the need to collect cash or use customer cards or tokens, and gives a complete personalised overview of the laundry room via the operator portal.

Why Choose appWash?

There are many reasons to choose appWash, both for the user and the operator.

The User:

  • Easy To Use – the free app can be downloaded and set up in just 2 minutes, and is available in over 15 languages for iOS and Android.
  • Machine Status – the status of the machines is available at all times, including cycle end times.
  • Simple Payment – simple, secure process to top up your account.
  • Booking and Reservation – machines can be booked for immediate use, or reserved up to 7 days in advance.
  • Notifications – push notifications can be sent to your device when the laundry is finished.
  • Payment Methods – top ups can be made via PayPal, Credit/Debit card, ApplePay, iDEAL, AliPay and WeChatPay, and can be made in 10+ foreign currencies with no extra fees.
  • Posters – with advice and user guidance, these are available in laundry rooms and on the app digitally.
  • appWash Support – Live in-app chat functionality allows the user to contact appWash 7 days a week in multiple languages.
  • Refunds – refunds or remaining balances (e.g. for students at the end of term) are refunded immediately without transaction costs.

The Operator:

  • Operator Portal – the appWash portal gives a complete overview of the laundry room, with current machine utilisation, who is using and historical usage data.
  • User Experience – the easy to use app and chat functionality means a positive user experience.
  • No Hassle or Theft – Payment is made via the app, meaning there’s no time collecting coins or tokens, and it removes the risk of theft or vandalism of the coin boxes.
  • Payment – appWash handles the whole payment process, from integrating payment methods to transferring revenues each month to the operator.
  • Easy to install – JTM Service can supply and install your appWash solution.
  • Laundry Room Planning – combining Miele Professional laundry equipment and appWash provides the best equipment and digital payment solution together.

JTM Service

We are a Miele Professional Partner and we can supply and install your appWash digital solution in 2 ways:

  • Combined with the supply and installation of new Miele Professional laundry equipment.
  • As a standalone supply and installation of the appWash solution onto existing Miele Professional laundry equipment.

To discuss how JTM Service can help, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or info@jtmservice.co.uk