Specialist Commercial Washing Machines

The best professional washing machines are designed to be robust, fast, efficient, hygienic and easy to use, whilst delivering exceptional wash performance and cutting cost and expense.

At JTM Service we work with leading manufacturers including Miele, Girbau, Primus and Electrolux. We supply commercial washing machines with capacities ranging from 6kg to 32kg and above, and with the latest technology to optimise wash performance and hygiene, whilst reducing energy usage and cost.

We work across all customer sectors, from Care, NHS and Hospitals, Housing, Education, Construction and Facilities Management, to Hotels, Holiday Parks and Campsites, Sports Clubs and Prisons. We understand every customer is different, and as well as supplying the best commercial washing machines, our in-house installation team ensures it is installed and commissioned quickly, correctly and compliantly. We offer the ability to buy, lease or rent new machines, as well as a range of warranty and servicing options, including our ‘Service Without Compromise’ promise.

Whether you require a single washing machine or multiple machines, and whether you are replacing a machine or designing a whole new laundry, at JTM Service we work with our customers to deliver the right solution each and every time.

“Excellent Service from JTM Service as always. Good Service, Good Advice, and Value for Money!”
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Overloading the machine means your washing will not be cleaned properly, it may damage the drum and it causes the washer to go out of balance and it might error out. If this is done continuously it will cause the bearings to fail on the machine which may result in a new machine being required.
Even though your washing machine cleans sheets, towels and clothes, it also needs deep cleaning itself. Detergent and dirt can build up in the machine as well as mould, bacteria and odours. You should wipe down your machine daily, cleaning all parts including the soap drawer, and you should regularly run a cleaning (hot) cycle.
You should run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine with no clothes or detergent in it at least once a week. On some machines there will be a program especially for this, otherwise run a normal cycle with hot water. If you have Auto-Dosed detergents, then switch off the dispensing unit prior to putting the machine onto this cleaning cycle. Please remember to switch it back on again after the cycle has completed.
This can be caused by objects such as zips catching on the door seals when loading and unloading. Do not pull all the laundry out of the drum in one go as this can tear the seals and also impact on the integrity of how they fit as a watertight element between the drum and the door opener.
Wipe down both the inside and outside of the washer at the end of the day including the door seals. This keeps the working environment clean and prolongs the life of the commercial washing machine.
Clean the soap drawers at least weekly to avoid blockages, avoid trapping odours and to keep it efficient and hygienic.
Leave the door slightly ajar when finished for the day. This allows the machine to get air to it and cool down quickly, helping reduce the likelihood of a build-up of bacteria.
If there are any faults with your commercial washing machine, do not continue to use it until you have reported it to your support company (e.g. JTM Service on 0113 2572221) who will advise if you can continue to use whilst waiting for an engineer to attend. If you continue to run when advised not to, you run the risk of damaging the machine further.
Regular planned preventative maintenance from your specialist commercial laundry support company ensures your washing machine stays in the best possible condition, improving efficiency, reducing breakdowns, saving cost and increasing the longevity of your equipment.
If you have an intermittent fault, it is always a good idea to keep a log of when it happens, what the cycle was and what the error code was. This will help the engineer get to the bottom of the problem and potentially speed up the repair.

Ways to Pay

Whether you are replacing existing equipment or adding new equipment, one of the important decisions to make is how you will finance the purchase. There are 3 main options:

  • Buy outright
  • Lease
  • Rent

Each option has different benefits, and which option is best for you will depend on your specific circumstances. At JTM Service we believe being flexible to meet our customer requirements is critical, which is why we are delighted to be able to offer all 3 options. We can also include ongoing breakdown cover and servicing to provide total peace of mind.

But which one to choose? Please click here for more details of each finance option.

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