How Does AirWallet Work?

AirWallet is easy to install, with a small device added for each machine which communicates with the user’s App or the wall-mounted payment terminal, Anton.

Users can check availability, book a time, and pay – all via the AirWallet App. Or if the user doesn’t have a smartphone, they can reserve and make payments by card using the AirWallet Anton device.

Why Choose AirWallet?

There are many reasons to choose AirWallet:

  • Administration Saving – no time collecting coins, bookkeeping or banking cash
  • Damage and Theft – by not having coin boxes, it removes the risk of vandalism and theft of these
  • User Experience – it is easy to use, with clear and simple processes for users and residents to book their slot and make payment
  • Dashboard – the dashboard includes live data from each location on usage and performance, and you can also change prices and provide refunds with one click
  • Less Machine Downtime – no coin boxes mean no coin jams!
  • Bespoke for Laundry Equipment – AirWallet is designed specifically for laundry equipment
  • Anton – with the Anton device, it provides flexibility so it can be paid for via the App or by card.
  • Easy to Install – JTM Service can supply and install your Airwallet system and help you set up your dashboard
  • Simple & Transparent Pricing – you pay a fixed monthly fee, your money is transferred to you automatically each month, and there are no transaction fees.

JTM Service

We work with AirWallet and can supply and install your AirWallet cashless payment system. We can do this with new laundry equipment, or retrofit onto existing machines whether they currently have a payment system or not.

To discuss how JTM Service can help, please contact us on 0113 257 2221 or at