Laundry equipment for Architecture & Construction Industries

Our long-standing relationships with leading architecture and construction specialists are built on firm foundations.

That’s because we have over 35 years’ experience in helping their experts design and implement bespoke laundry rooms at sites for buildings such as hospitals, care homes and social housing. We assist these professionals to install exactly the right rooms, appliances and accessories for their clients’ needs, whatever their specifications, time constraints and budgets.

Our service includes:

  • Ensuring our appliances work with water supplies and other necessary utilities
  • Providing guidance on applicable regulations, such as those covering ventilation for gas-operated dryers
  • Assisting in ensuring the correct services are installed
  • Helping customers avoid problems, such as locating laundry rooms where they’d cause too much noise for residents.  

Specifically, our range of services for architecture and construction professionals embraces:

  • A free initial consultation meeting, to identify requirements
  • Quotations
  • Detailed Computer Aided Design drawings of laundry room layouts
  • Regular meetings with site and project managers
  • Free pre-installation site surveys
  • Provision of specifications for all machines recommended
  • Installations by our trained engineers, all holding Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards
  • Method statements and risk assessments
  • Help available at any time of the day or night
  • End user training, in areas like wash programmes, appropriate detergents and water use, to save money and improve effectiveness.

Our service includes recommending, providing and installing the latest high-performance commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and rotary ironers. Our wide range of appliances, from light to heavy duty, comes from market-leading brands such as Miele, Girbau and Electrolux.

This is reinforced by unrivalled tailored maintenance and repair packages, available whether you obtained your equipment from us or not. These can include annual maintenance and rapid reaction breakdown visits – we can offer an eight-hour maximum response time, have fast access to over 350,000 spare parts and boast an enviable 94.6 per cent first time fix rate.

We therefore ensure benefits vital to architecture or construction customers and their clients, including:

  • Maximised machine speed, output quality and energy efficiency
  • Minimised downtime and costs, both capital and running
  • Compliance with all relevant law and regulation     

All our washing machines are approved under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), the easiest and most reliable way of demonstrating they comply with water supply rules. This includes meeting WRAS Category 5 guidelines for care homes and hospitals.    

We also hold British Standard Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001 accreditation. That means our policies, procedures and controls demonstrate the best possible working conditions and health and safety practices.

No wonder the numerous construction companies we’ve helped include Keepmoat, Tolent and Wildgoose, to name but three.

We deliver all this using our unique partnership approach we call service without compromise.

So, if you sample our unique service for architecture and construction businesses, your satisfaction levels will go through the roof.

You can download our free guide to laundry room design here.

Laundry for Architects & Construction

Fast friendly support for laundry systems in the Architecture & Construction sector

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Specify the most energy efficient commercial laundry system for your next construction project.

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