What is your job title?

Field Service Engineer

What are the key aspects of your role?

I consider Field Service Engineers to be the face, eyes and ears of the company. We are on the front-line, speaking directly to customers to assess their needs and provide an efficient service to support them in meeting their customers’ needs! I problem-solve on a daily basis, from a mechanical, electrical and logistical perspective. We are allocated jobs daily and it’s up to me to decide which order I approach these in. My favourite machines are tumble dryers as they’re usually quick to diagnose and fix. I also maintain dishwashers, commercial irons and washing machines.

How long have you been with JTM Service?

Since January 2022. I previously worked in the military as an engineer, so was able to transfer my electrical and mechanical skills across to an industry which was completely new to me

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How has your role changed in that time?

I wouldn’t say my role has changed too much, as I’m still relatively new, but I have got a better understanding of how the company works now, meaning I am able to prioritise and organise my jobs more effectively, which is good for JTM Service, our clients and my own job satisfaction. I was one of the first engineers to complete JTM Service’s new induction programme, which set me up for success in my role.

How has JTM Service changed in that time?

I joined the company at an exciting time, where there were many positive changes and opportunities happening. My favourite change was the uniform – moving from light-blue cotton shirts to navy blue polo shirts. These are more suited for the intensity of the work involved and it also means I save time on ironing! I think it’s great that the company actually listen to its employees and acts on feedback given. We’re not ‘just a number’ at JTM Service!

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love problem solving, how hands-on my role is, my daily independence and also the trust that is placed in me by JTM Service to get the job done. The communication is great between the team – everyone is on the same page and wants to do a good job for our customers. Being very stubborn, I also get great job satisfaction out of fixing a job there and then. I enjoy making our customers happy. The work-life balance is also great.

What do you enjoy doing out of work?

My wife and I have just had a baby girl, so I am currently enjoying lots of family time, including cuddles and seeing her grow and develop each day. When I eventually get some spare time, I will be fixing up my 1987 VW T25 Westfalia campervan which I bought before Stranger Things made it cool! I also enjoy cooking and learning about various cuisines and also hiking.

Any interesting fact about you?

In my previous job, I regularly played guitar approximately 100 metres under the sea!