1. Look After Your Machines

A well looked after washing machine, tumble dryer or diswhsher will operate more efficiently. For example, clean down the equipment each time; clean out lint filters on your dryer; clean the soap drawers; and get ducts and grilles cleaned regularly.

2. Full Load Size

Use full loads in your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher rather than running with half loads.

3. Don’t Overload

Don’t overfill your equipment. In your dryer there needs to be room for air to move around, and in your washing machine and dishwasher the results will be less efficient if overloaded.

4. Lower Temperatures

Wash on lower temperatures where possible (although ensure the correct temperatures are used where required for infection control purposes).

5. Descaling

Descale your washing machine and dishwasher regularly. The Carbon trust found every 1mm of limescale build-up on heating elements adds 7% to its energy consumption.

6. Fast Spin Cycle

Use a fast spin cycle with your washing machine if appropriate, this will drain more excess water from washing loads and take less time to dry.

7. Moisture Sensor

Use the moisture sensor option on your tumble dryer if available, this way you won’t use more energy than required.

8. Use Modern High Quality Equipment

Leading manufacturers continually develop their commercial equipment to be more energy efficient. For example, the market leading Miele Little Giant range of washing machines and tumble dryers use 28% less energy than previous models.

9. Heat Pump Technology

Consider swapping to heat pump tumble dryers, which can reduce energy consumption by 65%. They operate at lower temperatures and use a closed-loop heat exchange to recirculate air, resulting in significant energy savings.

10. Transferring From Washer to Dryer

Give all items a good shake when transferring from washer to dryer. This prevents items from tangling, these items take longer to dry.

11. Vented Tumble Dryer Airway

If your machine is vented, check that the vent hose is not kinked or blocked, this adds time to cycles. Good airways are key to excellent dryer performance.

12. Preventative Maintenance

Regular planned preventative maintenance from your specialist commercial laundry and dishwasher support company ensures your machine stays in the best possible condition and running efficiently.

13. Train Your Team

Regular training on best operating practices ensures your new staff members get updates on the most efficient ways to operate the equipment, and your existing team receive reminders to embed these practices.

14. Contact JTM Service

As well as servicing and repairing existing commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers, and supplying and installing new energy efficient equipment, we can provide bespoke advice and practical solutions to help reduce your energy usage.