Whether you require a single commercial washing machine, tumble dryer or ironer, or you require multiple machines and a whole new commercial laundry room design, at JTM Service we work together with our customers to deliver the right solutions.

We work across all customer sectors, from large care home groups, hospitals, housing, education, construction and facilities management, to hotels, cafes, restaurants, individual care homes, sports clubs, holiday parks and campsites. Our experienced in-house sales and installation teams ensure the right equipment is identified and that the installation and commissioning is done quickly, correctly and compliantly.

We supply and install coin or cashless payment systems, and we offer flexible purchase options including buying outright, equipment leasing or rental. We pride ourselves on our ‘Service Without Compromise’ promise, and our JTM Service Comfort Care packages provide extended warranties and comprehensive breakdown cover.

“We have been customers of JTM for over 25 years and we always receive an excellent service – both in relation to our laundry and kitchen equipment.”
★★★★★ Review by John Allott, Care Sector

The industry leaders for commercial laundry equipment are manufacturers such as Miele, Alliance, Girbau, Electrolux and Primus, but there are many manufacturers with a machine for a specific application. JTM Service are experts in supply and maintenance or all major brands of commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers.
Commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers comes in a huge range of sizes and the costs will depend on the size, type and quality of the machine. The cost of commercial laundry equipment is greater than the domestic alternative, but will be fit for purpose and the right machine will save money over time. Commercial laundry equipment can be bought outright, leased or as part of a rental agreement with the option to buy at the end of the rental period.
Commercial laundry equipment is designed to be more robust and harder wearing, and have a wider range of wash cycles and quicker cycle times. They also have a larger range of load capacities than a domestic machine – for example JTM Service offer commercial machines with a capacity of 32kg. Commercial washing machines can come with a gravity drain which is required in certain settings, and commercial tumble dryers can be electric, gas or steam powered. Commercial machines are designed to be easily serviced instead of frequently replaced, and standards are applied to commercial laundry equipment such as WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).
If you are in a commercial setting then you should consider commercial laundry equipment e.g. washing machine, tumble dryer and ironer. Commercial machines are more robust, longer lasting and come with the option to customise the cycles to suit the correct application required, along with an extensive amount of manufacturers research and development to get the best results, plus also the warranty for a domestic appliance could be void if used in a commercial environment. Commercial laundry equipment is needed in commercial settings where there are legal and regulatory requirements - for example where contaminants could be fed back into the water supply, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval is required.
You will need commercial laundry equipment if you are doing many cycles in a short space of time and need the flexibility to alter for different textiles and load types, or you prefer to wash large loads. A commercial machine is designed to do many cycles consecutively, and will also be able to satisfy many of the various standards regarding infection control and water regulations - for example where contaminants could be fed back into the water supply, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval is required, or in health and social care to meet HTM 01-04 Decontamination of linen for health and social care.
Commercial laundry equipment is able to wash and dry large loads and work continuously due its build quality. It will generally have many more cycles that are catered to a specific application which can be added to suit the customers onsite needs, and commercial machines will also have faster cycle times and will also work in conjunction with other machines in the laundry process to prevent damage to the fabrics. Commercial ironers are also able to quickly and easily iron large items and large volumes, improving the capacity, quality and turnaround time of the ironing.
The following standard apply to commercial laundry machines:
  • HTM 01-04 Decontamination of linen for health and social care
  • WRAS - this approval is generally required for UK machines and stands for the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. These are the regulations that are in place to stop any backflow into the water system
  • BS8446:2020 which is the regulation for open flued gas appliances
Most commercial machines will have an annual service schedule as part of any maintenance contract, as well as annual gas checks to comply with BS8446:2020. General maintenance will also be needed by the user which will be explained in the relevant user manual that is supplied with the machine such as filter cleaning to prevent excess lint build up in tumble dryers which could be a fire risk.
The quality or commercial laundry equipment can vary but the majority are tested rigorously. The market leading Miele Professional washing machines are tested to over 30,000 operating hours which can equate to over 40,00 cycles or 10 years use in a standard laundry settings. At JTM Service we still service some Miele machines which have been in place for over 20 years with regular maintenance and care!
Yes, the latest ranges of machines are equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth for many reasons such as payment systems, external site monitoring of temperatures and water usage, plus also for diagnosis and cycle updating where a specific cycle can be tailored to suit the applications needed.
Commercial laundry equipment can vary depending on the built quality, its use and how well it is maintained, but a high-quality commercial washing machine and tumble dryer such as those made by Miele Professional, in a well-maintained commercial laundry, will last upwards of 10 years, which can equate to over 40,000 cycles.