Equipment Leasing with JTM Service

Businesses are having to evolve faster than ever before, and commercial laundry and warewashing equipment is continually developing. Equipment leasing is one way of helping your budget to stretch further, allowing you to invest in the right equipment for your business.

Our leasing options include comprehensive breakdown cover, including all visits, labour and parts, helping you to save costs, avoid extended downtime and ensuring you have the best equipment that matches your requirements.

The Benefits of Equipment Leasing

  • Right to own – leasing gives the chance to own the machine at the end of the term, rather than rental which is simply borrowing the equipment for a fixed period.
  • Getting the best equipment – with leasing, your budget may go further to help you purchase the right equipment for your requirements.
  • Improved return on investment – paying over time and comparing the instalments against means it’s easier to cost justify any investment.
  • Payment predictability – our lease payments are set at the start and don’t increase, unlike some rental agreements which increase year on year.
  • Commitment length – typically 3 to 5 years, our leasing agreements mean you are not tied in to a 7 or 8 year rental agreement.
  • Comprehensive breakdown cover – our leasing agreements include labour and parts and can include annual service visits to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.

Cash flow comparison

As leasing allows you to drastically reduce your upfront outgoings, it helps preserve your working capital for use on other projects.

A cash purchase requires capital up front, whereas by using leasing you are able to conserve cash and spread the cash outflows over the life of the lease.

The graph opposite shows the cumulative outgoings over a typical 5 year term, compared to the outgoings if using a cash purchase.

What Will You Require?

We like to keep it simple, we’ll do the site survey and provide all the equipment details, your eligibility will be checked quickly without affecting your credit score, and we only work with FCA regulated finance providers so you know you’re in good hands.

To discuss how JTM Service can support you with equipment leasing please contact us on 0113 257 2221 or fill in the form below and we will be delighted to help.