How long have you been with JTM Service?

I have been with JTM Service since April 2016. I was previously working part time while my children were Primary School/early years high school; however, as they got older I was looking for a new challenge and to expand my skillset and I was offered a role here.

How has your role changed in that time?

When I started I was purely Service Administration. Very quickly the remit of my role expanded to start to learn key parts of other roles to cover for holidays/sickness. As I gained experience and knowledge I was able to be a big help to the engineers and the Admin Staff – we have always worked as a team and I found great satisfaction to be able to contribute more and more to them over the years. At JTM Service there are lots of opportunities to learn new skills and develop, and I am very excited to have been promoted to Office Manager recently.

What are the key aspects of your role?

My new Office Manager role involves being responsible for the office and keeping it ticking over, making sure supplies are kept in stock; Warehouse Stock, Kitchen/Cleaning supplies, PPE, etc. Also taking ownership of the cleaning company and any issues, as well as any IT issues that may arise. I am heavily involved in the recruitment of Administration Staff and training for Office Starters. I manage the Admin team including having quarterly one to ones, reporting back to the Finance & Admin Director.

I work closely with our customers, and act as the liaison between our customers, our engineers and our Business Development Managers. I also plan the engineers days so we can attend as many jobs as possible, including responsibility for booking calls and liaising with suppliers where required.

How has JTM Service changed in that time?

When I started, John Middleton was the Managing Director and in charge of the day to day running of the Company. In early 2020 John brought in Paul Wood as a new MD. There has always been an open door policy with our Management Team; as Paul has got to know us all and with his own management style this has evolved into a free and flowing exchange of ideas. However, we have always been a JTM Service Family and we all contribute to our success and achievements.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy that as I have gained experience. I have the autonomy to make decisions knowing that I am trusted to do so. I enjoy that I deal with all the different areas of the business as I get to see the satisfaction of a job well done, whether from the Install Team, the Service Engineers, Accounts or Sales. I enjoy that we all care about each other and care about each other as people, not just colleagues.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Out of work I enjoy watching films and TV shows, reading fiction novels and meeting up and socialising with friends. I have a small dog that I enjoy walking and I love going to restaurants and trying new cuisines.

An interesting fact…?

I went sailing last year in Greece – this was not a crewed yacht, this was me, my husband and my sister-in-law and her partner. We were the crew! There is not much call for learning to sail in Leeds so I was very much out of my comfort zone; I learned a lot and would love to do it again. I am thinking about completing a sailing course so I have at least a Competent Crew qualification for next time.