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We work in partnership with our customers in the education sector to design and implement the right laundry equipment or dishwashing solutions – whether it be a full laundry in a boarding school or student accommodation, laundry equipment in schools and hair and beauty colleges, or a dishwasher in school and college kitchens.

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With our expert engineers and experienced support team, we provide a fast, effective and flexible response. We offer a suite of comprehensive ‘SmartCare’ service and maintenance packages which ensures your equipment operates efficiently, performance is optimised and downtime is minimised.

The Best Equipment

At JTM Service we offer a wide range of commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, ironers and dishwashers to suit the requirements of each Education Institution. The benefits of working with JTM Service include:

  • Robust Equipment, Minimal Downtime – the laundry equipment and dishwashers manage high volumes of laundry, and can be used by multiple users. Machines need to be durable and not breakdown. We supply and install a range of equipment, for example the Miele Professional Little Giant and Benchmark ranges of laundry equipment, which are renowned for their durability and robustness.
  • Cost Savings – we provide robust, long-lasting and efficient equipment, we offer exceptional value by saving money on both the equipment and the ongoing running costs.
  • Specialist Equipment – we offer specialised commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers specific to unique needs, for example where high volumes of towels are used in hair and beauty colleges.

  • New Laundry Design – whether new student accommodation or a new laundry facility in a private school or further education facility, we design laundry rooms to ensure optimum performance, value for money and the most effective layout for efficiency and ease of use.
  • Optimum Performance – we identify all the key factors such as location, number of students or users, available space and services, and budget requirements. We then work with you to supply and install the right machines for your needs to maximise wash performance and throughput.
  • Long-lasting – we have a proven track record of supplying and installing the right laundry equipment and dishwashers which will stand the test of time.
  • Efficiency, Energy Savings, Sustainability – the high-quality laundry equipment and dishwashers we supply and install incorporate the latest technology and processes to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. For example, the latest range of Heat Pump Dryers can reduce energy costs by 65%, and the latest range of Miele Little Giant washing machines reduce energy consumption by 28%.
  • Laws and Regulatory Compliance – we supply and install equipment to ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and Health & Safety guidance.
  • Payment Systems – we supply and install cashless payment systems with commercial laundry equipment in student accommodation, which are easy to use, can be monitored remotely, remove the risk of theft or damage of coin boxes, and can reduce downtime with no coin jams. We can also retrofit onto existing equipment.
  • Easy To Use – whether staff or students, users demand machines which are safe and easy to use. With leading equipment, like Miele Professional washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, they are designed for ease of use with user friendly controls and simple programmes.
  • Space & Access – available space may be an issue, especially in the laundry. We can help with this, for example we can supply and install stackable laundry equipment with a footprint starting from under 0.5m².
  • Flexible Payment Options – we offer the options to either buy the equipment outright or spread the payments through a leasing or rental agreement, or we work with bespoke financing arrangements for student accommodation. Which option you select is your choice.
  • Warranty – we offer flexible warranties which can be extended for up to 5 years. These can include annual servicing and the Annual Gas Safety Inspection on gas powered equipment.

Service & Repairs

We pride ourselves on our service, and choosing JTM Service is the ideal way to save money, reduce breakdowns, and improve performance and longevity of your equipment.

  • Breakdowns & Repairs – our highly skilled, local engineers have extensive experience and we provide a rapid breakdown visit with an exceptional First Time Fix rate to ensure downtime is minimised (JTM Service Breakdown & Repairs)
  • Cost Savings – we offer value for money and help schools, colleges, universities and student landlords save money in a number of ways, such as with our exceptional first time fix rate and extensive stockholding, competitive rates, preventative maintenance service, and energy saving advice and support.
  • Preventative Maintenance – our preventative maintenance visit includes a condition assessment, check of critical components and a report to confirm the results and recommendations. A regular schedule of planned maintenance is the best practice method to keep your equipment in good working order (JTM Service Preventative Maintenance)
  • Annual Gas Safety Inspections – these are required by law for your gas-powered laundry equipment. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will help keep you safe and compliant (JTM Service Gas Inspections)
  • Administrative Support – we offer comprehensive administrative support, including sending visit reports promptly, and bespoke invoicing to meet specific requirements. We also manage asset registers, which means we can provide a history for each asset and we will automatically record when maintenance visits are due.
  • Tailored Maintenance and Repair Packages – we offer our SmartCare maintenance packages and can be flexible to meet individual needs.
  • Duct Cleaning – our engineers are trained and carry the necessary equipment to conduct a full inspection and clean your dryer duct to ensure you remain safe and compliant, and improve the performance and energy efficiency of your tumble dryers (JTM Service Duct Cleaning)
  • Descaling – regular descaling of your washing machine and dishwasher will reduce breakdowns, improve performance, save money and improve the longevity of your machine (JTM Service Descaling)

JTM Service

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What Our Customers Say

“JTM Service were very thorough and friendly. They did an initial site visit and offered good advice on what would suit our needs best. Communication was good throughout the purchase and we are happy with their service.” Review by Dale McMullan, Education

“Very helpful to sort out the washing machines that we needed to comply with water reg fluid cat 5.” Review by Christopher Rich, Education

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