Whether care home, hotel, housing, restaurant or hairdressing salon – anyone having to rely on a supply of uncompromisingly clean and hygienic laundry requires perfect results, fast!

The new generation of Miele’s proven Little Giants excels in rising to the challenge by tackling large volumes of laundry whilst adhering to stringent hygiene standards, delivering first-class wash performance, top-notch efficiency, excellent reliability and durability, and high-level user convenience.

Larger Load Capacity and Compact

The Little Giants range of commercial laundry equipment comes with a footprint of less than 1m² and has a load capacity of either 6kg, 7kg or 8kg.

The washer and dryer can be stacked, and they are the perfect comprehensive solution for compact on-premise laundry facilities.

Economical and Efficient

The Little Giants range of washing machines and tumble dryers have extremely short cycle times meaning each load can be washed and dried in only 86 minutes.

The new range of washing machines requires less water and less energy, ensuring high volumes of laundry can be tackled while conserving water, electricity and detergent and helping save money.


The ethos of sustainability and environment is applied throughout by Miele:

  • at product development stage using recycled materials in manufacturing
  • low consumption values due to shorter cycles and innovative technology with Little Giants washing machines requiring 22% less water and 28% less energy
  • ‘repair rather than replace’ ethos including spare parts being available for a minimum of 15 years
  • machines are manufactured with materials which can be recycled at end of life

Hygiene and Infection Control

The machines are WRAS 5 (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) approved and are able to operate at the temperatures required by HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) 01-04.

With special purpose disinfection programmes and high temperature/holding times, these machines deliver exceptional results in sectors which need to adhere to top hygiene standards.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The Little Giants’ wide range of programmes and intuitive and easy to use touch display and navigation can be tailored to user requirements.

“It’s a great machine, our residents love it and find it really easy to use” is an example of feedback from a customer where we installed the PWM507 Little Giants washing machine.

Wash Quality

The Little Giants washing machines combine gentle fabric care with the perfect wash results thanks to Miele’s patented honeycomb drum and specially designed ribs together with innovative technology including the new EcoSpeed wash rhythm and professional 3D sensor technology, thoroughly washing even the most delicate of items.

Reliability and Durability

Miele are renowned for their market leading reliability and durability, and the new Little Giant range sets the bar for this.

They are manufactured and equipped for maximum service life including powerful heater elements, scratch and corrosion resistant enamelled front, maintenance-free synchronous motor and professional shock absorber which undergo intensive testing to operate for 30,000 hours.

At JTM Service we have worked with Miele for over 30 years and we are proud to be part of the prestigious Miele Professional Partnership – in fact we were a founding member when it was formed in 2002. We work closely with Miele to provide the highest quality service and our installation and service teams have been fully trained by Miele, which ensures that all the equipment supplied by us is installed to Miele’s specification and current legislation, and our engineers are fully trained to service and maintain your laundry and dishwashing equipment.

For further information on the Miele Professional Little Giants Range please contact us on 0113 2572221 or