Planned & Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance ensures that your Laundry equipment stays in the best shape possible. Our Network of Service engineers are on hand to help you achieve this. An annual service visit is the best-practice method to keep your equipment in good working order. If you book a visit with JTM Service, we will carry out the following process:

Condition assessment – An overall assessment of the condition of the equipment.

Check all critical components-

All modular components and parts are examined to make sure they are working properly and are in good working condition.

  • Water pressure and drainage checks – ensuring that water is flowing properly without any unnecessary wastage or leaks.
  • Health and safety – machine safety checks are carried out and fully certified including electrical earthing.
  • Seals & Mechanical parts – All door/drainage seals are checked as well as buttons, switches, door locks and mechanical parts.
  • Bearings & Motors – All assessed to check condition.

Service/fault history is interrogated (Miele Laundry equipment) – Previous faults are checked and the service logs are reset by our Miele-authorised engineers.

If our engineers find that repair work is required, they can quickly identify what is needed and arrange for a quote to be supplied and the required work carried out.

Give us a call today on 0800 652 5692 to schedule a visit.