Managing Multiple Sites With Laundry & Dishwashing Equipment

If you’re responsible for laundry rooms at multiple sites, such as care homes or social housing developments, we can offer you various special services.

We can, of course, recommend and install as many state-of-the-art new commercial laundering and ware washing appliances, supplied by market-leading brands, meeting your exact needs, as you want. You can obtain these either by buying outright or via our unique Comfort Care acquisition, maintenance and rapid-reaction breakdown package, demanding only single, affordable, predictable monthly payments.

Even if you didn’t obtain your current machines from us, we’ll still negotiate bespoke, highly competitive service and repair packages for them with you. We’ll also replace these appliances, as they become inoperable, with our own equipment, if you wish.

Our other services for groups include working with them to design or modify laundry rooms, so these work with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We can also maintain registers of assets we’ve supplied to groups, so they don’t have to remember when maintenance visits are due, for example.

Fast friendly support for your laundry system

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