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We understand the challenges faced by Hospitals, including meeting critical standards such as the Department of Health’s HTM 01-04 guidelines for infection control. As well as outstanding wash performance, results for laundry and dishwashing need to be hygienic, efficient and cost effective.

How Do JTM Service Help?

We are proud to be Approved Partners with leading brands such as Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional, and with over 40 years’ experience, we have extensive experience supporting NHS Trusts and Hospitals. This can be directly with the Hospital, with the NHS Trust, or with other partners and contractors, such as Facilities Management companies.

There are many ways we support our Hospital customers, such as:

  • Recommending, supplying and installing high performance, energy efficient, commercial washing machines and tumble dryers.
  • Recommending, supplying and installing the latest high performance, thermally disinfecting dishwashers. These can be in the main hospital kitchens and in Ward Ends.
  • Servicing and maintaining commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers, including fast response and high first time fix rates from our experienced, highly skilled engineers.
  • Ensuring compliance requirements are met, for example:
    • Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 01-04 Decontamination of linen for health and social care requirements.
    • The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.
  • New Laundry Design and Redesign – working directly with the client, or with builders and architects, to design the laundry room for optimum performance and the most effective layout for hygiene and infection control.
  • Supplying and installing specialist Mop Washing laundry equipment, which are designed to handle mop heads and cleaning cloths gently, with outstanding results.

JTM Service Temperature Validation Assessment

Hygiene and infection control is critical in Hospitals, and an area where this is especially important is in laundry and dishwashing.

Disinfection for laundry and dishwashing is traditionally achieved by heat. HTM 01-04 states “The washing process should have a disinfection cycle in which the temperature of the load is either maintained at 65°C for not less than ten minutes or 71°C for not less than three minutes when thermal disinfection is used.

It is therefore essential that the commercial washing machines and dishwashers have thermally disinfecting cycles, that these are used and achieve the required temperature and time relationships, and that it can be demonstrated.

As well as supplying and installing the right equipment to meet the requirements (for example the Miele Professional Masterline Range of Thermally Disinfecting Dishwashers – JTM Service – Miele Professional Masterline Dishwashers), we can also perform a validation assessment to demonstrate compliance. We do this for a number of Hospitals, on both washing machines and dishwashers.

For more information on this please see

And for a case study of how we support Castle Hill Hospital with this, please see JTM Service – GFM Case Study.

On Premise Laundry

One challenge for some hospitals can be to decide whether to manage laundry on site or move it offsite. We understand that outsourcing it can be costly, result in poor results and a loss of control, and be harder to demonstrate hygiene requirements are being met.

At JTM Service, we can support your on-premise laundry (OPL), and advise and support on the move to an OPL from an outsourced model.

JTM Service

To discuss how JTM Service can support you, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or

What Our Customers Say
Here’s what our customers say about us:

“Excellent response time, excellent Customer Service, after sales services and excellent service from all other staff members.” Review by Carole Williamson, NHS Trust.

“Customer service was outstanding, quick and efficient communication with delivery and set up” Review by Tracey Tong, NHS.

“The quarterly temperature validation assessments JTM Service do for us let us know whether the dishwashers are working as we require, and we receive a quarterly report for each machine so we can evidence this. JTM Service are brilliant – the reporting is great, their engineers are friendly and helpful, and the reporting is sent promptly in a clear and concise format. I would highly recommend JTM Service” Review by Wayne Goode, FM/Hospital.

“Friendly helpful team from asking for a quote through to the fitting of the dishwasher. Always able to answer questions and provide a fast prompt service” Review by Michael Cavill, NHS.

“Quick response, excellent communication from start to finish. pleasure to deal with, thanks!” Review by Fay Shevills, NHS/Hospitals.

“Excellent customer service very friendly and knowledgeable staff, would highly recommend.” Review by Adam Roberts, NHS/Hospital.

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