In recent years, we’ve seen an influx in the number of ‘no-frills’ hotels popping up, which have become an increasingly popular choice, particularly among business travellers.

According to this article by Michael Skapinker, a ‘no-frills hotel, done properly, is good enough for a business trip.’ In the same article, it’s also acknowledged that ‘the bed linen in good, low-cost hotels is glacier-white.’

So, at the very least, business travellers expect to have crisp, white sheets on their beds, regardless of how little, or much, they’ve forked out for their room. The challenge for hotel professionals, is making sure they get just that.


One of the most effective ways the hospitality industry can meet this key requirement is to invest in the right equipment


Without the correct commercial washing machines in place, hotels will struggle to make up bed-after-bed, day in, day out in crisp, clean white bedclothes.

But unless you specialise in commercial laundry appliances, like we do, then it can be very difficult for you to know what’s right and what’s not for your business. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to make sure your machines give you spotless sheets every time:


Am I using commercial or domestic appliances?

Contrary to popular belief, domestic appliances will not provide you with commercial standard results


Are my machines fit for purpose?

Perhaps you could do with investing in a model that has a larger drum. Cramming larger loads into a smaller capacity machine won’t guarantee you bright whites…


Are my machines killing germs?

Your laundry might look clean, but that doesn’t mean it’s reached the right temperatures to kill off bacteria. Some models are equipped with specific thermal disinfection programmes that comply with NHS CFPP O1-04 standards


Have I got the right programmes?

Like with your machines at home, commercial washing machines have programmes that are for laundry washes. Are you washing your sheets on the right programme and does it even exist on your appliance?


How old is my machine?

Yes, many commercial washing machines are built to last, but like most things, they won’t last forever. If you’ve had yours for several years, it might be worth shopping around for a new model that will be more effective. (For more details read, ‘Why you should never ‘make do’ with your commercial washing machine.’)


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