Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 range of commercial laundry equipment benefit from intensive research and cutting-edge product development. This has led to the ergonomic line of washers and dryers that ensures effortless operation and exceptional savings.

Easier, Healthier, Safer

Doing laundry day in and day out involves repetitive acts like reaching, bending and pouring, which can cause tension and stress. Every washing machine and tumble dryer in the Line 6000 range is certified to international standards of ergonomics.

Reduced Water, Energy and Detergent

Line 6000 is designed for the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. With Automatic Savings and Integrated Savings, the load is weighed and the water intake is adjusted to the actual load, and real time data is provided to avoid underloading or overloading. And with Intelligent Dosing, the precise amount of detergent will be added automatically according to the garment type and weight of the load.

Maximum Dewatering

The more efficient the dewatering process in the washing stage, the less energy is required at the drying stage. With the Line 6000 washing machines, as well as the Automatic Savings feature adjusting water based on the actual load size, the high-spin 450G extraction speed and the Power Balance function reduce the amount of water needed and minimise the water retention ahead of the drying phase.

Dry Not Overdry

The Moisture Balance feature in Line 6000 tumble dryers measures the exact moisture level throughout the drying process. This protects garments and saves energy by stopping as soon as they are dry, or at the moisture level you set.

Long Term Cost Savings

The up-front investment on commercial laundry equipment is just the tip of the iceberg – detergents, chemicals and utilities make up 90% of the lifetime costs of the commercial washing machine. Electrolux Professional have put reducing costs at the heart of their R&D process, and with their energy, chemical and water saving features, the Line 6000 range reduces lifetime costs significantly.


As well as benefiting from long term cost savings, the reduced consumption of energy, chemicals and water helps improve sustainability. And the Line 6000 range of Heat Pump tumble dryers can reduce the total energy consumption of the drying process by up to 65% compared to a vented tumble dryer.

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