1. Follow The User Guide

Ensure you have a copy of the Instruction Manual and read it to understand it. It includes important and helpful information.

2. Clean The Filters

Clean out the lint filters every cycle with a soft brush to avoid a build-up of lint which blocks the machine from operating effectively and increases energy consumption.

3. Do Not Leave Laundry In The Dryer

Leaving laundry in the tumble dryer creates a fire risk as the laundry can work like a compost, heating from the inside out and combusting.

4. Wipe Down Regularly

Wipe down both the inside and outside of the dryer at the end of each day. This is good working practice in any laundry – not only does it keep your working environment clean, it reduces the lint in the laundry which helps the environment and your ironer.

5. Duct Cleaning

Have your ducting/vents cleaned, for example every 6-12 months, to ensure efficient and safe performance. This may need to be more regularly depending on the machine and the use.

6. Gas Safety

If you have a gas tumble dryer, ensure you are safe and compliant. Use a Gas Safe registered company, with engineers certified specifically for commercial laundry equipment, to undertake service, maintenance and the Annual Gas Safety Inspection.

7. Do Not Stop Mid-Cycle

Do not stop the machine mid-cycle or during the cooling cycle. Most machines will run until the correct drying level has been reached. Stopping and starting a cycle will cause poor results and can also be a fire risk.

8. Overloading and Underloading

Overloading the tumble dryer results in poor performance and can damage the machine; underloading will mean you’re wasting a full programme’s worth of energy for a few items.

9. Contact JTM Service

If there are any errors, do not continue to use it until you have reported it to your support company (e.g. JTM Service on 0113 2572221) who will advise if you can continue to use whilst waiting for an engineer to attend. If you continue to run when advised not to, you run the risk of damaging the machine further.

10. Planned Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance from your specialist commercial laundry support company ensures your machine stays in the best possible condition, reducing breakdowns and saving cost.