1. Follow The User Guide

Ensure you have a copy of the Instruction Manual and read it to understand it. It includes important and helpful information.

2. Clean The Dishwasher Regularly

It is important to give the dishwasher a good clean at least after each session (e.g. breakfast, lunch and evening meal) as this helps prevent blockages and enable the dishwasher to operate effectively. Also remove the spray arms once a day and run under running water, then refit correctly.

3. Clean The Dishwasher Thoroughly

When cleaning the dishwasher, empty the machine first then take out the filter trays and wash under fresh running water – always empty first to ensure cutlery doesn’t drop into the main tank. Use a brush to clean the awkward nooks and crannies. If you see pink on the dishwasher this is food protein and needs to be cleaned.

4. Scrape And Rinse

Scrape and rinse items before putting in the dishwasher to avoid blockages and damage to the machine.

5. Do Not Pre-Soak Items In Washing Up Liquid

The slightest amount of washing up liquid going into the dishwasher will cause over foaming and damage the dishwasher’s drain pump.

6. Leave The Hood Open

If you have a Hood/Pass Through dishwasher, leave the hood up slightly when not in use to cool down and reduce the risk of bacteria build up.

7. Check Salt Levels and Descale

Regularly check and top up salt levels, and descale the dishwasher. This prevents limescale which can damage the internal parts (e.g. heating elements, motors, seals) and the boiler, leading to expensive repairs.

8. Do Not Slam

Pushing trays in too firmly, slamming the hood down or pushing the door closed too harshly will cause damage to the machine. For example by damaging the door locks, warping the door, breaking the tray wheels and causing internal damage.

9. Contact JTM Service

If there are any errors, do not continue to use it until you have reported it to your support company (e.g. JTM Service on 0113 2572221) who will advise if you can continue to use whilst waiting for an engineer to attend. If you continue to run when advised not to, you run the risk of damaging the machine further.

10. Planned Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance from your specialist commercial dishwasher support company ensures your machine stays in the best possible condition, reducing breakdowns and saving cost.