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Breakdowns & Repairs

Whether you run a care home or a café, a hotel or a hospital, a commercial dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer breakdown is enough to send even the coolest customer into a spin.

We’ve got you covered with our emergency repair service which is comprehensive enough to solve your commercial laundry or warewashing emergency, no matter what.

Service Plans

It doesn’t matter if we supplied your commercial washing equipment or not, if you need maintenance support for your appliances, our team is here to help.

We offer ongoing and emergency service and repairs for all commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances. With our 94.6 per cent first-time fix rate, you can rest assured that any downtime is kept to a minimum. With easy-to-understand, flexible support plans, comprehensive analysis and reporting, and a host of special services, JTM can deliver your complete service solution.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance ensures that your Laundry equipment stays in the best shape possible. Our Network of Service engineers are on hand to help you achieve this.

An annual service visit is the best-practice method to keep your equipment in good working order.

Gas Inspections

Specialist gas safety inspections for your gas-powered laundry equipment.

Annual gas safety checks are required by law as per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998, also state that all gas-related work, including fittings and checks, must be carried out a by a licensed provider. Our Gas Safety registered engineers will help keep you safe and give you peace of mind knowing your equipment is fully compliant with current standards.

Duct Cleaning

It’s often overlooked, but the importance of regular dryer duct cleaning cannot be overstated. Ensuring that your ducting is inspected and cleaned regularly means that you will meet risk assessment standards, reduce fire risk and maintain peak efficiency of your drying operation.

Your tumble dryer ducting system is key to removing moisture and lint. During use, lint will start to build up inside the ducting and reduce airflow. This will increase your energy bills, extend drying time and cause technical issues with your dryer, including increasing the risk of having a fire.

Temperature Validation

JTM Service has expertise in temperature validation to assist your compliance with HTM 01-04.

At JTM, we have been carrying out temperature validation assessments with a number of NHS facilities for many years. During regularly scheduled visits, the assessment team will test the wash cycle by placing a sensor in the wash drum during the cycle. After completion of the cycle, the sensor is connected to the computer and interrogated using specialist software to establish the temperature and time characteristics. This information is then provided to the client in graph format clearly showing the results. The facility can then keep these records to ensure that the exacting standards are met for infection control.

Descaling Your Commercial Washing Machine

Whilst the results of limescale build up can be easily seen in things like your kettle and on taps, unfortunately you cannot easily see the damage it is doing to your washing machine or dishwasher. Hard water leads to limescale build up on the heating elements, as well as on other parts such as seals, pipes, hoses and the drum.

Regular descaling of your machine will reduce breakdowns and improve the longevity of the machine, as well as improving the performance and energy efficiency – minimising downtime and saving money. It can also help remove and prevent unwanted odours.