Disinfection for laundry and dishwashing is traditionally achieved by heat which relies on a certain temperature being achieved for a certain amount of time. The Department of Health guidance in HTM 01-04 states “The washing process should have a disinfection cycle in which the temperature of the load is either maintained at 65°C for not less than ten minutes or 71°C for not less than three minutes when thermal disinfection is used.”

JTM Service Temperature Validation Assessment

At JTM Service we have expertise in this and offer a specialised service, The JTM Service Temperature Validation Assessment. The assessment validates that the correct time-temperature relationships are being met to ensure the wash meets the recognised disinfection standards, and we provide reports and certificates to evidence best practice and compliance.

How Does It Work?

  • We place a calibrated probe in the washing machine or dishwasher during the wash cycle which takes a reading every second.
  • We download the data for analysis and verification using specialist software to identify the temperature throughout the wash cycle, and a graph is produced of the temperatures achieved during the cycle plus the contact times.
  • A report is then produced showing the machine details, the temperature and contact times, and confirmation of whether the required temperatures were achieved and maintained for the appropriate amount of time.
  • We provide a certificate of compliance, and the report and certificate demonstrates that the machines are meeting the standards required for compliance with thermal disinfection requirements.


We work with Hospitals, Facilities Management and Care customers to support them to confirm and demonstrate thermal disinfection temperatures are being achieved, whether it is with their thermally disinfecting dishwashers or washing machines.

Wayne Goode, Facilities Manager at one of our Hospital customers in Hull, explained why they used the JTM Service Temperature Validation Assessment:

“It is essential to us that we are able to confirm the dishwashers are achieving thermal disinfection by hitting the right temperatures and then holding them for the right length of time. As a PFI Project we have accountability, and the ability to produce the evidence is critical. The quarterly temperature validation assessments JTM Service do for us let us know whether the dishwashers are working as we require, and we receive a quarterly report for each machine so we can evidence this. JTM Service are brilliant – the reporting is great, their engineers are friendly and helpful, and the reporting is sent promptly in a clear and concise format. I would highly recommend JTM Service.”

To understand more about this service please download our Temperature Validation Assessment document  (JTM Service Temperature Validation Assessment pdf), and to speak to us about how we can help please contact us on 0113 257 2221 or info@jtmservice.co.uk and we will be delighted to help.