Temperature validation in commercial laundry equipment

JTM Service has expertise in temperature validation to assist your compliance with HTM 01-04.

At JTM, we have been carrying out temperature validation assessments with a number of NHS facilities for many years. During regularly scheduled visits, the assessment team will test the wash cycle by placing a sensor in the wash drum during the cycle. After completion of the cycle, the sensor is connected to the computer and interrogated using specialist software to establish the temperature and time characteristics. This information is then provided to the client in graph format clearly showing the results. The facility can then keep these records to ensure that the exacting standards are met for infection control.

This is also relevant for care homes where again, infection control is extremely important.

An extract from the department of health guidance on Infection control for care homes states:

The laundering process

Many micro-organisms will be physically removed from the linen, by the detergent and water, during the washing cycle. Washing at high temperatures, above the normal domestic 40°C wash will allow the temperature of the water to disinfect the items.

All linen/clothing should enter the laundry through the dirty entrance, and should not be stored but quickly processed.

The laundry staff should never open the inner water-soluble bags. Instead, the bags should be transferred to the washing machine for decontamination. Machines should not be overloaded.

All items should be processed in a cycle that reaches 71°C for at least three minutes or at 65°C for at least ten minutes. Heavily soiled/infected linen should also have a pre-wash cycle selected. Heat-labile items should be washed at the highest temperature possible for the item. If the item has been heavily soiled or is infected, it should be placed in a red, water-soluble bag and a prewash cycle selected, along with an appropriate disinfectant, e.g. oxygen-releasing or bleaching agent added to the washing process. Regularly washing items below 65°C without using a bleaching agent may allow biofilms to build up in the machines.

All items should then enter a drying process within an industrial dryer. Once removed they should be stored in a clean area, above floor level and not be kept in the laundry area.

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