Our Values

At JTM Service we believe our Values of Heart, Drive and Integrity set our company and our people apart. Our Values are integral to who we are and enable us to deliver the fantastic service we are so passionate about.


    We Care – we genuinely care about all that we do and we have compassion for each other and our customers.

    We Are Proud – we take pride in all that we do and we are proud to be JTM Service.

    Family – we are there for each other no matter what, we ask for help and we want to help, we are not restricted by job titles, we are the JTM Service family.

    We Empathise – we actively listen, we go the extra mile.

    Recognition and Appreciation – we recognise success and achievement, we appreciate each other, we reward and we celebrate together.


    We Find a Way – we stay until the task is done, we solve problems and think outside the box, we help each other, we don’t walk away, we have a positive can-do attitude.

    Be The Best We Can – we want to better ourselves, we want to grow and learn and we train and develop our people, every day is an opportunity to learn.

    Have a Go – we do not shy away from a problem, we are not frightened to make a mistake and we learn from them.

    Goals – we set short term and long term goals, we work towards them, we achieve.

    Feedback – we want customer feedback, we provide feedback to each other, we want to know what we do well and where we can improve to be the best we can be.


   Open and Honest – we are always honest, we communicate openly and constructively and provide feedback in a positive way.

    If We Make a Mistake We Own It – we admit when we make a mistake, we apologise, we own it and we learn from it.

    We Do What Is Best For Our Customer – we seek to understand first, we listen to our customers’ needs, and we always do the right thing for our customer.

    Trust – we trust and we are trusted.

    Quality – we deliver quality in all we do, we follow regulations and best practice.