One misconception is that commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are all much bigger than domestic equipment. It is true that commercial laundry equipment can be significantly bigger – for example, at JTM Service we supply commercial equipment with drum capacity of up to 44kg. But commercial laundry equipment can also have the same capacity and footprint as a domestic machine, so why is commercial equipment still the right choice?

Here are 5 reasons why commercial washing machines and tumble dryers are the right choice for business, using the market leading Miele Professional Little Giants range of laundry equipment to demonstrate the difference.

1. Long Lasting

A high quality commercial washing machine or tumble dryer goes through significantly more testing than a domestic machine. The Miele Little Giants range is tested for 30,000 cycles – that’s equivalent to 8 cycles a day, 7 days a week, for over 10 years! A domestic washing machine is only tested for around 5,000 cycles.

2. Shorter Cycle Times

Commercial laundry equipment has shorter cycle times. The Miele Little Giant washer and dryer can wash and dry 8kg of laundry in 85 minutes, compared to domestic machines which takes 2 ½ times longer.

3. Thermal Disinfection

Infection control is critical in commercial settings. Miele Little Giants meet and surpass temperature and time guidelines to meet health guidelines for thermal disinfection, meaning that infections can be effectively controlled.

4. Robust and Reliable

The components in commercial laundry equipment will be manufactured to stringent commercial requirements. For example, the handles, hinges and door locks in Miele Little Giants are tested to perform for 60,000 operations on washers and 100,000 on tumble dryers – the same as 16 times a day, everyday for over 17 years!

5. Compliance With The Water Regulations

Businesses are required to use laundry equipment which meet the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. The Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (“WRAS”) is a conformance mark which demonstrates than an item complies with the high standards set out in the Water Regulations. Miele Little Giants are approved to the highest level – category 5. Domestic machines are not approved.