When did you purchase your commercial washing machine(s)?

The reason we ask is because the average commercial washing machine has a lifespan of around 14 years – if it’s been regularly maintained and looked after, that is. This means that most businesses don’t have to worry about replacing their washing appliances for well over a decade.


But that’s only if you have a washing machine that’s fit for purpose in the first place. What’s more, with commercial laundry technology evolving at a rapid pace these days, it’s highly probable that if you’ve had your machine for more than ten years, then it may not be as effective as some of the latest equipment.


Like all electrical equipment, washing machines are designed to continuously deliver bigger and better results, be more energy efficient and comply with the latest industry rules and regulations.


This means that while many existing appliances may do the job and do the job well, they may not necessarily be able to do as good a job as some of the latest models that are hitting the market. (Take a look at our equipment catalogue for details of some of the latest machines).


Now we’re not saying that you should rush out this minute and ditch your current equipment for the next model, but it might be worth you looking around to see if you could benefit from a faster wash or larger drum, or more specific wash cycles or higher temperatures.


To get the very best from your commercial washing appliances, you need to invest in them – a) invest time looking after them while you have them and b) time in making sure they fully meet all of your requirements, which may change over time.


Yes, ‘making do’ may be the easiest option, but it’s not necessarily going to provide you with a machine that’s effective and efficient as possible or fully tick all of your boxes either.


For more information or advice on seeing if you could benefit from changing your commercial washing machine(s), contact us on info@jtmservice.com or 0800 652 5692.