Commercial washing machine efficiency ratings – explained

Just as properties are judged on their energy performance with Energy Performance Certificates, commercial washing machines are rated for how energy efficient they are.

According to the Carbon Trust, the UK industrial laundries sector processes around 743,651 tonnes of laundry each year. This is mainly hotel linen and towels, work wear and linen/garments for the health sector across 134 sites. 1,254 GWh is required to make this happen, which is equivalent to emissions of approximately 281,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

All washing machines now have EU energy efficiency labels on them. But unless you work within the commercial washing machine industry, or have taken the time to scrutinise the ratings, then you may not necessarily know what they mean.

Fortunately for you, we’ve been specialising in the world of commercial washing machines for more than 30 years and are more than familiar with washing machine EU energy efficiency ratings. Let’s talk you through them:

The current EU energy label for washing machines ranges from A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient). Any new machine now coming on to the market needs to be rated A+ or above.

One of the most effective ways of sourcing an energy efficient washing machine (other than asking a professional like us) is to look out for the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Recommended logo.

You’ll find this on the energy label, alongside other key details, including:

  • Annual water consumption
  • Noise emissions
  • Capacity
  • Spin drying efficiency

Calculating energy ratings

Washing machine ratings are based on how many kilowatt hours are used annually for full and partial 60°C cotton loads and 40°C partial cotton loads.

Interestingly, the EU energy ratings don’t cover water usage, only electricity levels. The water consumption does also feature on energy labels, but doesn’t influence the overall energy efficiency rating.

Staying energy efficient

There are plenty of ways organisations can reduce their laundry carbon footprint other than investing in commercial washing machines that carry the EU energy efficiency label. For instance, the Carbon Trust recommends that you should:

  • Avoid under or over-loading your machine
  • Correctly sort and classify your laundry items
  • Use the correct wash programmes, according to the load
  • Implement a switch-off policy
  • Measure wash performance with a view to reducing re-wash cycles

Making sure you have the right commercial washing machine for the job also plays a huge part in ticking the energy efficiency box. For guidance on selecting the right appliance, check out our blog, ‘5 features to focus on when buying commercial washing machines.’

In the meantime, for more insight on energy efficiency ratings or for impartial advice on the most effective way to go about improving your laundry carbon footprint, contact us on [email protected] or 0800 652 5692.



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Why you should never ‘make do’ with your commercial washing machine

When did you purchase your commercial washing machine(s)?

The reason we ask is because the average commercial washing machine has a lifespan of around 14 years – if it’s been regularly maintained and looked after, that is. This means that most businesses don’t have to worry about replacing their washing appliances for well over a decade.


But that’s only if you have a washing machine that’s fit for purpose in the first place. What’s more, with commercial laundry technology evolving at a rapid pace these days, it’s highly probable that if you’ve had your machine for more than ten years, then it may not be as effective as some of the latest equipment.


Like all electrical equipment, washing machines are designed to continuously deliver bigger and better results, be more energy efficient and comply with the latest industry rules and regulations.


This means that while many existing appliances may do the job and do the job well, they may not necessarily be able to do as good a job as some of the latest models that are hitting the market. (Take a look at our equipment catalogue for details of some of the latest machines).


Now we’re not saying that you should rush out this minute and ditch your current equipment for the next model, but it might be worth you looking around to see if you could benefit from a faster wash or larger drum, or more specific wash cycles or higher temperatures.


To get the very best from your commercial washing appliances, you need to invest in them – a) invest time looking after them while you have them and b) time in making sure they fully meet all of your requirements, which may change over time.


Yes, ‘making do’ may be the easiest option, but it’s not necessarily going to provide you with a machine that’s effective and efficient as possible or fully tick all of your boxes either.


For more information or advice on seeing if you could benefit from changing your commercial washing machine(s), contact us on [email protected] or 0800 652 5692.

The sustainable approach to commercial laundry

It’s widely reported that sustainability can play a key part in boosting a company’s profits, as well as have a positive impact on many other areas.

Yes, companies may initially associate being more sustainable with expense, but many who have embraced it have seen that it can really help them perform financially.

Take, one of the early adopters, DuPont, for example, it reportedly committed itself to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 65 per cent between 2000 and 2010. By 2007, it had reportedly saved $2.2billion a year through energy efficiency, the same as its total declared profits that year.

DuPont are just one of many examples of just how sustainability can go hand-in-hand with and have a positive impact on the profit margins of organisations across all sorts of different sectors.



Here are just some of the ways sustainability can be applied in today’s commercial laundry rooms:


Energy efficient technology

These days, many of the latest, industry-leading commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Not only do they feature specific energy efficient programmes that are quicker to run and therefore reduce the cost per use, they incorporate new technology that reduces water, gas and energy consumption.


Data-driven monitoring

If you want your commercial laundry systems to be as efficient as possible, then it’s crucial you know how to calculate if they’re running at optimum performance or not.

And that’s where your commercial laundry supplier can help. Many of today’s industry-leading experts have the expertise and technology to provide you with data monitoring services. Analysis, such as periodic temperature valuation and live data validation, will help make sure that your machines are compliant and cost-effective, at all times.


Sustainable design

While technological advances may be a key factor in making sure today’s commercial washing machines are as effective and efficient as possible, design also plays an important role too.

Look out for features, such as larger drums, easier loading and simple programmes, which are all essential to streamlining processes, reducing unnecessary washes, minimising hassle and providing you with peace of mind results. And if you have specific sustainability goals you’d like to achieve, then you might want to consider more of a bespoke design.

Commercial laundry rooms can have a direct impact on sustainability. Once you know what the possibilities are, they can really help make a measurable difference.

For more details about how your laundry systems could help boost your sustainability, contact us on 0800 652 5692 or get in touch via our online contact form.



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Guarantee efficiency with data monitored laundry systems

Is your commercial laundry system cost efficient, durable and performance monitored?

At JTM our commercial laundry systems are fully WRAS approved and meet the Department of Health standards and are designed to consume as little energy as possible.

Using machines from market-leading manufacturers Meile and Electrolux, we design laundry systems built to match your hospital or care facility’s unique requirement. Not only that, but we’ll provide you with evidence to prove that they are performing as they should, month after month.

So, how do we guarantee your laundry system is delivering maximum results?

We offer a choice of data monitoring services to ensure your machines are compliant and cost efficient.

  • Periodic Temperature Valuation – one of our trained engineers will visit your site to routinely assess your machines using state-of-the-art logging equipment to check it is meeting the required guidelines
  • Live Data Validation – this in build feature checks every wash to produce real-time data, providing you with a full audit trail documenting the machines’ efficiency

When you’re working to a tight budget and strict guidelines you want to be sure you are consistently getting the very best from your laundry system and leaving nothing to chance.

Our systems don’t just outperform the competition; they are proven to do so time after time. It is this durability that makes them the best value choice for your hospital or care facility.

Want to guarantee a peak efficiency laundry system at your facility? Talk to one of our experts about arranging a site consultation today.

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Fit for purpose? Reporting & analysis from JTM

We’ve all been there. You’re in the store, you choose the one you want, come to pay and then the sales assistant raises the subject of ‘add-ons’ – whether it is stain protection on your new sofa or added warranty on that 42” plasma TV. Nobody wants the extra cost, let alone the inconvenience of more time in the store. Only this isn’t a new sofa or TV you’re sourcing; the laundry room is an integral part of your operation and any failings could have a serious impact on day-to-day operations.

That’s why individual analysis and reporting of appliances is far more than an inconvenience. You need to be sure that your washing machine is fit for purpose and not at risk of breakdown. You may need to understand energy consumption for sustainability reporting or cost analysis. Most importantly, you need to know it is meeting the required temperature guidelines for disinfection. In all of these cases it can be a lengthy process – inconvenient at best, sometimes impossible without expert equipment.

More than just an MOT, our expert analysis and reporting service can be personally tailored to your individual requirements, giving you peace of mind and time to get on with your job.

JTM’s services include Periodic Temperature Validation, using state-of-the-art data logging equipment to periodically check that your machine is meeting the required guidelines, or Live Data Validation, checking every single wash to provide real time information and a full audit trail in case of infection.

In both cases, you can expect full analysis of your equipment, detailed reporting on the things that matter most to you and a test certificate to prove that your laundry room meets the latest legislation.

In summary then, clean linen and documented evidence of due diligence to current standards.

So call us today and ask about our analysis and reporting services. Can you afford not to?