Housing associations may differ in size and scale, but they all cater for any given number of residents at any one time.

Take Clarion Housing Group for instance, as the largest housing association in the country, it owns and manages 125,000 homes across more than 170 local authorities.

Among many other key facilities, these homes, like all social housing stock, will be equipped with laundrette facilities. And any number of residents will be using the commercial laundry appliances that are available to them, across multiple sites, day and night.

However, just because there may be multiple laundry appliances being used across multiple sites doesn’t mean there should be multiple problems, such as repairs, to constantly take care of. Yes, the probability of repairs occurring is likely to be higher the larger the housing portfolio, but it’s a common occurrence that can be easily managed.


By working with a commercial laundry specialist who specialise in dealing with housing associations, it’s possible to not just manage, but minimise commercial laundry appliance-associated problems


We’ve helped numerous housing associations to develop and design laundry rooms that are equipped with commercial washing machines and tumble dryers that meet the latest health and safety regulations, are user-friendly and energy efficient. They’re also fit for purpose, which can help reduce the likelihood of breakdowns occurring, as they’re programmed with the right type of wash programmes and aren’t being overworked.

Another way in which we help housing associations avoid the headache of dealing with multiple commercial laundry appliance repairs is by providing them with our Comfort Care package. This enables them to get breakdown cover all-year round, all of their appliances are serviced on an annual basis (another way to guarantee your machines are in good working order) and they don’t get stung by any call-out charges or sudden repair bills.

It’s this level of responsiveness and peace of mind support that makes so many of our customers, such as Darlington Borough Council’s Lifeline Services, choose and stay with us:

“JTM is responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable. Repairs are completed timorously – which is important when 50 people rely on the laundry within sheltered or extra care housing.”


For more information or to discuss your commercial laundry requirements with us, contact us on info@jtmservice.com or 0800 652 5692.