Commercial laundry solutions suitable for social housing groups.

Yorkshire Housing

Commercial laundry solutions suitable for social housing groups.

Leeds-based Yorkshire Housing owns and manages more than 18,000 homes and provides a range of services enabling people to live independently across the county. The organisation, at the time of writing in late 2018, employed over 600 people. To help achieve its ambition that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a quality home they can afford, Yorkshire Housing had a strategic priority to provide 3,000 more dwellings for people with all incomes by 2021.

The organisation, which has a customer focus and was already achieving a 90 per cent client satisfaction level, also aimed to help 1,000 people into employment, better jobs, training and volunteering and assist 15,000 older people to live independently

The Relationship

JTM originally had a relationship with Bradford-based Brunel Housing, which transferred its stock to the future Yorkshire Housing in 2006. JTM has so far supplied 175 commercial washing, drying and dishwashing machines for around 90 per cent the customer’s sites containing flats and sheltered housing.

Most of these appliances were manufactured by Miele, as the provider is the authorised dealer for this German global market leader in Yorkshire and the Humber plus North-East England. Although Yorkshire Housing also has some commercial machines from other sources, including a number inherited through mergers, JTM has already extended its rapid-reaction repair service – it boasts an enviable overall 94.6 per cent first-time fix rate – and annual maintenance offering to these appliances.

Moreover, Yorkshire Housing is now replacing these additional machines, as they become inoperable, with Miele products that JTM supplies. It’s therefore likely the company will have provided all the customer’s commercial appliances and be its sole supplier of related services within the next few years. This standardisation is delivering advantages such as minimising damaging downtime, as JTM has fast access to more than 350,000 relevant parts. JTM also maintains an asset register, so it can alert Yorkshire Housing when maintenance visits, for example, are due.

These deliver customer benefits such as ensuring maximised machine speed and output quality, optimised energy efficiency and minimised bills, plus legal and regulatory compliance.

What the client says

Michael Buckley, Property Compliance Manager, Yorkshire Housing, says: “Both the engineers and the back-office staff at JTM are excellent. “They deliver a highly personal service and if a machine breaks down, for example, we get straight through to a human being, not an automated voice. If the staff member we’ve tried to contact isn’t there, someone else takes charge of our problem immediately.

“We monitor contractors’ response times, but this has never been a problem with JTM, as they’re very reactive. Their communication is outstanding too – if they need to order a part, for example, they keep us in the loop until it’s fitted.

“Their people have an impressive knowledge base and we’ve never had issues with their engineers’ technical capabilities. Many of their staff have been with the business for several years, which must be a positive sign too.

“We like the leasing options JTM offers and are now obtaining all our replacement machines on this basis, as it enables us to accurately service-charge capital costs back to our customers. We can, therefore, reclaim money and order better machines, with higher specifications, in the future.

“Overall, JTM delivers exactly what we want. I’d be quite happy to recommend them to other businesses, including other social landlords.”


Karbon Homes


Karbon Homes, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is one of the North of England’s largest housing associations, employing about 800 people. The organisation owns or manages nearly 30,000 properties in the North-East and Yorkshire, located from the Scottish border almost to the Humber. These include social or affordable rent homes, shared ownership dwellings and supported housing for people with disabilities or mental health issues.

The organisation’s portfolio includes some homes operated by York Housing Association, which became an independent Karbon group member in December 2017, and 1,300 acquired from fellow social landlord the Guinness Partnership five months later. At the time of writing, in late 2018, Karbon was working towards increasing the new properties it builds annually with partners from about 350 to 500 and planning to invest over £233m in constructing dwellings during the next five years.

The Relationship

The current contract between Karbon Homes and JTM began in 2013, although the relationship originated some years earlier. JTM is now Karbon’s sole provider of commercial laundry machines and related services.

JTM has so far delivered and installed about 220 appliances at around 75 Karbon sites – some housing up to 60 residents – from North Yorkshire to Northumberland. Most machines the customer now operates were made by Miele, as the supplier is the authorised dealer for this German global market leader in Yorkshire and the Humber plus North-East England. Karbon retains a small number of other commercial laundry appliances too, partly as a result of its deal with the Guinness Partnership, but is now working with JTM to replace these, as they become inoperable, with Miele products.

This standardisation will see the full maintenance and rapid-reaction repair service JTM currently operates for machines it has provided extended to all Karbon’s commercial laundry appliances. The service delivers advantages such as minimising damaging downtime, as the supplier has fast access to more than 350,000 relevant parts and boasts an enviable overall 94.6 per cent first time fix rate. Other benefits of JTM’s service include maximised machine speed and output quality, optimised energy efficiency and minimised bills, plus continued legal and regulatory compliance.

JTM also maintains an asset register, so it can alert Karbon when maintenance visits are due, for example.

What the client says

Mark Mulhern, Support Services Team Leader, Karbon Homes, says: “We’re absolutely happy with the relationship with JTM, which is very good from top to bottom and ticks all the boxes, as far as we’re concerned.

“The main thing JTM provides to us is reassurance. We’re always confident in, and act on, their advice, as the information from people in their office and reports from engineers on the ground can be trusted, relied upon and are and of the highest professional standard.

“JTM’s back-office staff provide us with quotes and obtain parts very promptly and, as it’s quite a small team, I know who does what and who to go to with a given query.

“Their engineers’ response times are always good too. Their technical knowledge also means they spot issues and get to the bottom of them quickly, then set out the options clearly for us about where we can go from there.

“The contract with JTM is probably our easiest and smoothest to manage. We have contracts involving smaller volumes and lower costs, yet they’re more problematic, because of supplier performances. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JTM to other businesses.” 

Commercial laundry appliances and the Government’s new social housing EPC target

Never has energy efficiency been such a priority for social housing providers than right now.

The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy has announced a new target to get all housing up to Energy Performance Certificate Band C, and help make people’s lives better, by 2030.

While it’s widely acknowledged social housing providers have made great strides to improve their efficiency outputs, there’s still much work to be done.

According to David Weatherall, the Energy Saving Trust’s head of policy, there are lots of energy inefficient social homes out there, a situation that’s doing very little in helping protect social housing tenants from high energy bills.

At the same time, the trust also recognised that social housing providers’ budgets are currently constrained, however, many do have long-term asset management budgets to upgrade their properties. (You’ll find more about the trust’s thoughts on the EPC target and how the social housing sector can potentially meet it in this article...

This new government energy efficiency target is undoubtedly a big deal for the social housing sector right now and for the foreseeable future. And like most widespread challenges of this scale, it can’t be achieved by making one major change. It won’t be possible to make it happen overnight either.

Meeting this new target will see social housing providers being expected to review each and every element of their energy consumption, on a strategic and practical level. And if they haven’t already done so, it’ll no doubt involve them revisiting their commercial laundry appliances.

Laundry appliances may be a smaller cog in the overall system, but still play an integral part in:

  1. Reducing energy consumption and;
  2. Making sure residents don’t get stung by high energy bills.


Commercial laundry appliances and energy usage

Most of the today’s commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are all geared up towards energy efficiency. And the technology, analysis and design of many of these systems can help reduce energy consumption no-end.

Technology - look out for models that feature energy efficient programmes where washes are faster and shorter, bringing the overall cost per use down. Certain machines are also kitted out with technology that’s specifically geared towards reducing water, gas and energy consumption.

Analysis – believe it or not, your commercial laundry appliance supplier can help you suss out if your machines are running as efficiently as possible. They aren’t just there to simply provide you with your appliances, so be sure to ask your supplier about their data monitoring services.

Design – keep an eye out for features, such as bigger drums, easy loading and simple programmes. They are all key design facets that can help you streamline your laundry processes and reduce unnecessary washes.


Social housing providers have been tasked by the Government with a major challenge right now, a challenge that isn’t possible without leaving no stone unturned – commercial washing appliances included.

Got any questions or want to find out more? Or perhaps you’d like a hand with making sure your appliances represent the very latest energy efficient developments? Contact us today on 0800 652 5692 or get in touch via our online contact form.

Why multiple sites doesn’t have to mean multiple laundry appliance problems

Housing associations may differ in size and scale, but they all cater for any given number of residents at any one time.

Take Clarion Housing Group for instance, as the largest housing association in the country, it owns and manages 125,000 homes across more than 170 local authorities.

Among many other key facilities, these homes, like all social housing stock, will be equipped with laundrette facilities. And any number of residents will be using the commercial laundry appliances that are available to them, across multiple sites, day and night.

However, just because there may be multiple laundry appliances being used across multiple sites doesn’t mean there should be multiple problems, such as repairs, to constantly take care of. Yes, the probability of repairs occurring is likely to be higher the larger the housing portfolio, but it’s a common occurrence that can be easily managed.


By working with a commercial laundry specialist who specialise in dealing with housing associations, it’s possible to not just manage, but minimise commercial laundry appliance-associated problems


We’ve helped numerous housing associations to develop and design laundry rooms that are equipped with commercial washing machines and tumble dryers that meet the latest health and safety regulations, are user-friendly and energy efficient. They’re also fit for purpose, which can help reduce the likelihood of breakdowns occurring, as they’re programmed with the right type of wash programmes and aren’t being overworked.

Another way in which we help housing associations avoid the headache of dealing with multiple commercial laundry appliance repairs is by providing them with our Comfort Care package. This enables them to get breakdown cover all-year round, all of their appliances are serviced on an annual basis (another way to guarantee your machines are in good working order) and they don’t get stung by any call-out charges or sudden repair bills.

It’s this level of responsiveness and peace of mind support that makes so many of our customers, such as Darlington Borough Council’s Lifeline Services, choose and stay with us:

“JTM is responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable. Repairs are completed timorously – which is important when 50 people rely on the laundry within sheltered or extra care housing.”


For more information or to discuss your commercial laundry requirements with us, contact us on [email protected] or 0800 652 5692.

Minimising the impact of laundry breakdowns for the Bernicia Group

We’ve worked with countless housing associations over the last 30+ years, helping them benefit from commercial laundry appliances that are fit for purpose and provide them with the best return on their investment.

One of these clients includes one of the country’s leading housing providers, the Bernicia Group. They’ve been providing quality homes and services to people in the North East for almost 50 years.

As the preferred laundry service provider for Bernicia’s extensive housing portfolio, we’re on hand to help out with their repairs quickly and effectively. This means that Bernicia have peace of mind that any downtime is kept to a minimum and any work that’s required is carried out with zero hassle and fuss.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, we enable Bernicia to make sure that if there are any problems or breakdowns, they’re resolved as quickly as possible, with minimal impact on residents.

We pride ourselves on living and working by our values, which include efficiency and supportiveness.

And, as a result, we strive to make sure efficiency is at the heart of our work. Everything we do, whether it’s dealing with quotes, call-outs or technical problems is done efficiently, and our relationship with Bernicia is a prime example of this.

Being the industry leaders that we are, we also aim to help our customers improve their operations by purchasing the right commercial laundry equipment for their needs and maintaining it correctly. And we always strive to go above and beyond, wherever possible too.

It’s this efficiency and trusted support that Bernicia value us for. Here’s what their Cyclical Programme Manager, Amber Welsh, has to say about the service we provide them with:

‘JTM are our principle contractor for responsive repairs for our laundry equipment. They have always responded very quickly and professionally when we’ve had breakdowns and provided replacement machines at our sites.

‘Their engineers and office staff are very knowledgeable and endeavour to provide the best service possible.’

Could you benefit from having our industry-leading commercial laundry equipment specialists on hand to provide you with a responsive repair service? Contact us today on 0800 652 5692 or [email protected] In the meantime, to find out about our services and laundry repairs.

3 reasons why housing associations choose us

We’re not ones to brag, but we are extremely proud of the fact that we’ve worked with most of our customers time-and-time again, over several years.

They include housing association estates managers and landlords who want peace of mind that when it comes to their tenants’ laundry, their appliances are cost effective, compliant and reliable.

And because we’ve been working with customers within the housing association world for more than three decades, they know that when they come to us, we’re going to help them tick those three boxes (at the very least).

But it’s not the only reason why they come to us, they choose us because:


1. We understand their challenges

Having worked with housing associations for over 30 years, there’s very little we don’t know about what they, and their tenants, need from their commercial washing machines, dishwashing and tumble dryers.

When they contact us, they have peace of mind that we’re going to provide them with precisely what they need. They can rely upon facilities that are safe and easy for residents to use, regardless of how large their sites might be or how many they might have.


2. We take on their objectives

We take the time to understand our customers and their objectives so that when it comes to developing and designing their laundry rooms, we provide them with a) exactly what they envisaged and b) what works within their environments.

We’ve helped countless housing associations develop and design laundry rooms with user-friendly, energy efficient washing machines and tumble dryers that comply with the latest health and safety regulations and standards.


3. We do what’s best for them

Unlike other suppliers, we don’t just provide appliances because they happen to be the latest model or because they’re from a certain manufacturer. Because we get to know our customers and what they need to achieve, we only provide you with equipment that’s 100% right for you and your tenants.

We’ll also help you select the most dependable and easy to use machines that incorporate the right wash programmes for your residents.


But don’t just take our word for how great we are, here are what a couple of our housing association customers have to say about working with us:


“Yorkshire Housing has been using JTM as a laundry equipment supplier for many years. Their customer service has remained consistently excellent and any issue we have had has been rapidly responded to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JTM to others.” - Sally Rathbone, Yorkshire Housing.


“JTM has been, and continue to be a fantastic partner and give complete peace of mind that any laundry-related issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently. JTM not only service the contract to an exceptional standard, but have also helped us build an asset register of all our equipment so that we can plan our replacement programme.” - Dan Gibson, Procurement Manager, Isos Housing.


For more details or to discuss your commercial laundry or dishwashing requirements with us, get in touch with us today.

How we helped The Isos Group clean up its commercial laundry stock and minimise breakdowns

Out with the old and in with the new: How we helped The Isos Group clean up its commercial laundry stock and minimise breakdowns

Housing associations are one of our key customers and, over the years, scores of housing associations across the UK have benefited from our industry-leading knowledge and expertise.

One of these clients includes The Isos Group, a leading social housing landlord that manages more than 17,000 homes across the North East.


Regular breakdowns

At the time of contacting us, Isos were being plagued with constant breakdowns with their commercial washing machines, which had resulted in them receiving lots of complaints from their residents.

Upon looking into the issue, our specialists soon discovered that Isos’ homes were all fitted with different makes and models of commercial washing machines. They also uncovered the fact that there appeared to be no asset register or any form of control maintenance in place.


Thorough investigation and analysis

It was important that our specialists were able to assess the true scale of the problem, so they visited each and every one of Isos’ sites and serviced and catalogued all of its equipment as they went along.

As well as creating an asset register to accurately capture all of Isos’ commercial laundry stock, we also advised Isos on which pieces of equipment needed replacing. The register also enables our team to monitor performance site-by-site and record the age and condition of all of Isos’ equipment going forward.


First-time fix rate and all-year round support

Over time, we’ve standardised Isos’ use of Miele Little Giant laundry machines, which has resulted in Isos benefiting from our 94.6% first-time fix rate, due to the availability of spare parts for these particular machines. Isos have also taken out our Comfort Care package, which means, if there’s a breakdown, they can call on us 365 days of the year and our engineers will be with them in just eight hours.

Thanks to our work, Isos’ homes are now fitted with commercial washing machines that are more reliable, efficient and fit for purpose than their previous equipment. The new appliances are also less likely to break down too, which means their residents can go about their laundry routines more efficiently and with less hassle.


Here’s what Isos’ Procurement Manager, Dan Gibson, has to say about their experience of working with us:

'JTM has been, and continue to be, a fantastic partner and give complete peace of mind that any laundry-related issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

‘They not only service the contract to an exceptional standard, but have also helped us build an asset register of all of our equipment, so that we can plan our replacement programme.’


If you’d like to get on top of your commercial laundry stock and make sure it's future-proofed, as well as delivering the best possible results, just like The Isos Group have done, get in touch with our team of specialists.


Why housing providers choose our laundry systems, year after year

For many businesses, Christmas signals a busier period of activity followed by a lull. But when you’re a housing provider, ensuring your tenants have access to safe and fully-functioning facilities is an around the clock job.

At JTM we understand that keeping your facilities in working order while keeping costs to a minimum is a constant priority. That’s why we’ve spent years developing a service which is as responsive and supportive as possible.

The most efficient system for your business

Our laundry systems are not only custom built to exactly match the requirement of your facility, but they are then expertly maintained by our team of professional engineers. Our ongoing support helps you to establish, track and monitor your systems for unbeatable performance.

Procurement Manager at Isos Housing, Dan Gibson, said:

‘JTM not only service the contract to an exceptional standard, but have also helped us build an asset register of all our equipment so that we can plan our replacement programme. JTM has been, and continue to be a fantastic partner and give complete peace of mind that any laundry related issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently.'

Commercial washing machine installation

Minimised downtime

As well as the practical advice we offer housing providers, our clients choose us for our efficient and responsive repair service. With a 24/7 emergency helpline and engineer support within 8 working hours of your call, a laundry system from JTM offers complete peace of mind that the impact of a breakdown to your tenants will be minimised.

Vanessa Tully, Team Leader at Lifeline Services, describes:

 “Throughout the time we have used JTM Service, we have found them responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable. With any repairs completed quickly – which is important when 50 people rely upon the laundry within sheltered or extra care housing. When sourcing and purchasing machines we have found them informed, cost-effective and trusted to find the right solution for the machine required.”

Miele washing machine service

Your long term partner

All our laundry systems are regularly serviced and performance monitored to make sure you and your tenants are receiving the most valuable service. As such, we form lasting relationships with our clients who are assured that their requirements will always be taken care of quickly, efficiently and with no hidden costs.

Yorkshire Housing’s Sally Rathbone explains:

‘Yorkshire Housing has been using JTM as a laundry equipment supplier for many years. Their customer service has remained consistently excellent and any issue we have had has been rapidly responded to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JTM to others.”

Does your organisation have year-round laundry system support? Talk to one of our customer care team about our commercial laundry packages.


Partnering with social landlords for dependable laundry systems and happy tenants

For social landlords and housing associations, regular laundry breakdowns mean unhappy residents and mounting repair costs.

That’s why when we partner with social housing providers, we provide two important services:

  • We build resilient laundry systems from the leading professional manufacturers that are safe, easy to use and extremely reliable
  • We provide year-round repair cover and help you to create an asset catalogue and replacement programme to ensure you are completely prepared for any breakdowns

Our Comfort Care package means that the maintenance of your laundry equipment is no longer a problem for you or your tenants – our engineers deal with any repairs within 8 hours of being reported, with no charge for call-out, parts or labour.

All of your laundry equipment is maintained to the highest standard for your tenants, and you are protected against any unexpected charges due to a breakdown.

We’ve been working with large housing group Isos for three years now after they first contacted us in response to constant breakdowns and complaints from residents. Isos have been delighted with the efficiency of our processes and the performance of their new laundry systems.

Dan Gibson, Procurement Manager at Isos Housing, says ‘JTM have been, and continue to be a fantastic partner and give complete piece of mind that any laundry related issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently. JTM not only service the contract to an exceptional standard but have also helped us build an asset register of all our equipment so that we can plan our replacement programme.’

Make problematic laundry breakdowns a thing of the past. Talk to JTM about supplying and maintaining a professional laundry system for your organisation. You may be surprised how much money we can save you.

Helping you look after your tenants’ welfare with commercial laundry maintenance

When you’re responsible for tenants on a large scale, the thought of a laundry breakdown is one added stress you don’t need.

As well as potentially being costly, a breakdown can compromise the comfort of your tenants and their families, so it is important to safeguard against these last minute disasters.

At JTM, not only do we install market-leading commercial laundry equipment from only the best manufacturers, but we ensure that your laundry system is kept running with servicing and repairs too!

When a breakdown happens, it doesn’t take long for the laundry pile up, so in order to resume normal service for your tenants, you need to know that someone is going to be able to fix the issue in as little time as possible

Our Comfort Care package provides you with peace of mind that you are covered for emergency breakdown callouts 24/7, 365 days of the year. And with a 94.6% first time fix rate, your machines could be back up and running within the very same day. Feel better now?

The plan provides you with all the cover you need to keep your equipment working like clockwork with no call-out charges or repair bills, ensuring your tenants are cared for as well as your business.

Want to find out more about how Comfort Care could protect your Social Housing from costly and inconvenient breakdowns? Get in touch today.