Dangerous bacteria can be spread by nurses’ clothing

A recent study by Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina found dangerous bacteria including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) spread across hospitals on nurse’s scrubs.

The researchers looked at 167 patients and took samples from nurse’s scrubs who tended to them. They discovered six instances where harmful bacteria was transferred from the patient to the scrubs and ten transmissions from the patient to the room.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Deverick Anderson, said “We know there are bad germs in hospitals, but we’re just beginning to understand how they spread.”

For care homes with residents who may regularly come into contact with hospital staff, this could prove problematic. The transference of bacteria onto clothing highlights the risks presented by the realities of caring for elderly residents who may need additional care from professionals outside of the care home.


So, how can you limit the risks of dangerous bacteria within your care home?

Installing professional laundry equipment and establishing a compliant on-site laundry operation can help limit the risk of bacteria and infection spreading between staff and patients on clothing and bed linen.

It’s essential your laundry system should comply with the Department of Health’s regulations for care homes, notably; The Choice Framework for Policy and Procedures 01-04 (CFPP 01-04) which covers the decontamination of linen.

The framework stipulates:

  • Washing machines reaching 71° for at least 3 minutes or 65° for at least ten minutes
  • A fully separate area for clean and dirty items in the laundry room
  • A specific laundry area for disinfected washes with a process for keeping soiled linen physically separate
  • Controlled human movement through the laundry with only trained staff visiting as necessary

The most popular range of compliant washing machines we supply to care homes is the Little Giant range from Miele. Designed for continuous usage, these machines deliver high-temperature washes including efficient fast-cycles for up to 30,000 wash cycles.

These washing machines are built to withstand the everyday demands of caring for others while helping to keep your facility protected from the dangers of infection.


Want some guidance for establishing a compliant laundry system?

At JTM, we carry out a free site evaluation where we can assess your current system and recommend new machines as a part of a safe and compliant laundry operation.

All of our machines are WRAS approved and if you choose our Comfort Care package, you’ll receive annual maintenance and breakdown cover to keep you up and running all year around.

For honest advice on choosing the right professional laundry appliances for your care home talk to one of our team today about arranging a free site survey.