When you run a care facility or veterinary practice, opting for domestic washing machines instead of professional laundry systems may seem like an initial saving – but it’s going to cost you in the long run.

Not only is professional laundry equipment built to last, but it’s also designed to help you meet industry guidelines. Choosing to use domestic models in a professional environment increases the likelihood of frequent breakdowns and compromises your business’ compliance.

Here are three reasons why you should stick to professional laundry equipment:

1. Stay compliant with legislation

Professional laundry machines are built to comply with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) legislation. WRAS-approved machines ensure that waste water cannot flow back and contaminate the fresh water supply as stipulated in the WRAS Fluid Category 5 guidelines.

Having WRAS-approved equipment installed by trained professionals is the only way to ensure your business remains compliant.

(What is WRAS? Read our blog ‘WRAS and the Water Regulation 1999 – Do you comply?’ to find out more).

2. Unrivalled durability

Professional washing machines, from brands like Miele, are built to last for around 30,000 hours; which equates to running your machine eight hours a day, every day for more than ten years. Domestic machines, on the other hand, typically last around five years and deliver 270 washes per year.

Within this disparity in lifespan, choosing a domestic machine means you’re only going to have to repair or replace it sooner at further cost to your business.

3. Keep your warranty valid

While domestic machines come with a manufacturer’s warranty, these warranties don’t tend to last longer than a couple of years. Not only that, but domestic warranties are almost always rendered invalid if machines are used for commercial purposes. To see a return on investment from your laundry equipment, you need professional cover.

At JTM, our Comfort Care package provides comprehensive cover for your professional washing machines, including parts, labour and 24/7 call outs. Not only are your machines completely covered, but you can rest assured knowing any breakdowns will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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