Out with the old and in with the new: How we helped The Isos Group clean up its commercial laundry stock and minimise breakdowns

Housing associations are one of our key customers and, over the years, scores of housing associations across the UK have benefited from our industry-leading knowledge and expertise.

One of these clients includes The Isos Group, a leading social housing landlord that manages more than 17,000 homes across the North East.


Regular breakdowns

At the time of contacting us, Isos were being plagued with constant breakdowns with their commercial washing machines, which had resulted in them receiving lots of complaints from their residents.

Upon looking into the issue, our specialists soon discovered that Isos’ homes were all fitted with different makes and models of commercial washing machines. They also uncovered the fact that there appeared to be no asset register or any form of control maintenance in place.


Thorough investigation and analysis

It was important that our specialists were able to assess the true scale of the problem, so they visited each and every one of Isos’ sites and serviced and catalogued all of its equipment as they went along.

As well as creating an asset register to accurately capture all of Isos’ commercial laundry stock, we also advised Isos on which pieces of equipment needed replacing. The register also enables our team to monitor performance site-by-site and record the age and condition of all of Isos’ equipment going forward.


First-time fix rate and all-year round support

Over time, we’ve standardised Isos’ use of Miele Little Giant laundry machines, which has resulted in Isos benefiting from our 94.6% first-time fix rate, due to the availability of spare parts for these particular machines. Isos have also taken out our Comfort Care package, which means, if there’s a breakdown, they can call on us 365 days of the year and our engineers will be with them in just eight hours.

Thanks to our work, Isos’ homes are now fitted with commercial washing machines that are more reliable, efficient and fit for purpose than their previous equipment. The new appliances are also less likely to break down too, which means their residents can go about their laundry routines more efficiently and with less hassle.


Here’s what Isos’ Procurement Manager, Dan Gibson, has to say about their experience of working with us:

‘JTM has been, and continue to be, a fantastic partner and give complete peace of mind that any laundry-related issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

‘They not only service the contract to an exceptional standard, but have also helped us build an asset register of all of our equipment, so that we can plan our replacement programme.’


If you’d like to get on top of your commercial laundry stock and make sure it’s future-proofed, as well as delivering the best possible results, just like The Isos Group have done, get in touch with our team of specialists.