We’ve all been there. You’re in the store, you choose the one you want, come to pay and then the sales assistant raises the subject of ‘add-ons’ – whether it is stain protection on your new sofa or added warranty on that 42” plasma TV. Nobody wants the extra cost, let alone the inconvenience of more time in the store. Only this isn’t a new sofa or TV you’re sourcing; the laundry room is an integral part of your operation and any failings could have a serious impact on day-to-day operations.

That’s why individual analysis and reporting of appliances is far more than an inconvenience. You need to be sure that your washing machine is fit for purpose and not at risk of breakdown. You may need to understand energy consumption for sustainability reporting or cost analysis. Most importantly, you need to know it is meeting the required temperature guidelines for disinfection. In all of these cases it can be a lengthy process – inconvenient at best, sometimes impossible without expert equipment.

More than just an MOT, our expert analysis and reporting service can be personally tailored to your individual requirements, giving you peace of mind and time to get on with your job.

JTM’s services include Periodic Temperature Validation, using state-of-the-art data logging equipment to periodically check that your machine is meeting the required guidelines, or Live Data Validation, checking every single wash to provide real time information and a full audit trail in case of infection.

In both cases, you can expect full analysis of your equipment, detailed reporting on the things that matter most to you and a test certificate to prove that your laundry room meets the latest legislation.

In summary then, clean linen and documented evidence of due diligence to current standards.

So call us today and ask about our analysis and reporting services. Can you afford not to?