It’s widely reported that sustainability can play a key part in boosting a company’s profits, as well as have a positive impact on many other areas.

Yes, companies may initially associate being more sustainable with expense, but many who have embraced it have seen that it can really help them perform financially.

Take, one of the early adopters, DuPont, for example, it reportedly committed itself to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 65 per cent between 2000 and 2010. By 2007, it had reportedly saved $2.2billion a year through energy efficiency, the same as its total declared profits that year.

DuPont are just one of many examples of just how sustainability can go hand-in-hand with and have a positive impact on the profit margins of organisations across all sorts of different sectors.

Here are just some of the ways sustainability can be applied in today’s commercial laundry rooms:

Energy efficient technology

These days, many of the latest, industry-leading commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Not only do they feature specific energy efficient programmes that are quicker to run and therefore reduce the cost per use, they incorporate new technology that reduces water, gas and energy consumption.

Data-driven monitoring

If you want your commercial laundry systems to be as efficient as possible, then it’s crucial you know how to calculate if they’re running at optimum performance or not.

And that’s where your commercial laundry supplier can help. Many of today’s industry-leading experts have the expertise and technology to provide you with data monitoring services. Analysis, such as periodic temperature valuation and live data validation, will help make sure that your machines are compliant and cost-effective, at all times.

Sustainable design

While technological advances may be a key factor in making sure today’s commercial washing machines are as effective and efficient as possible, design also plays an important role too.

Look out for features, such as larger drums, easier loading and simple programmes, which are all essential to streamlining processes, reducing unnecessary washes, minimising hassle and providing you with peace of mind results. And if you have specific sustainability goals you’d like to achieve, then you might want to consider more of a bespoke design.

Commercial laundry rooms can have a direct impact on sustainability. Once you know what the possibilities are, they can really help make a measurable difference.

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