Long lasting, robust, quicker, more efficient, better performance, able to handle larger volumes, compliant – there are many reasons why commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers are the right choice!

But what is the difference between commercial and domestic laundry equipment? Here are 5 key differences, using Miele Professional’s Little Giant range of washing machines and tumble dryers to demonstrate the differences:

1. Long Lasting – high quality commercial machines last significantly longer. The Miele Little Giant range is tested to last 30,000 cycles – that’s 8 cycles a day, 7 days a week, for 10 years. A domestic washing machine may be tested for 5,000 cycles.

2. Shorter Cycle Times – domestic machines can take 2 ½ times longer. The Miele Little Giant range can wash and dry 8kg of laundry in 85 minutes, compared to 210 minutes for domestic appliances.

3. Thermal Disinfection – in many commercial settings, such as Care and Healthcare, thermal disinfection is required. The temperature and time combination required for thermal disinfection, set out in the Department of Health’s guidance document, Health Technical Memorandum 01-04, is 65°C for at least 10 minutes, or 71°C for 3 minutes. Commercial washing machines like the Miele Professional Little Giant range are designed and certified to meet and surpass temperature guidelines, helping to maintain hygiene and control infections.

4. Robust and Reliable – domestic laundry equipment will break down much more often. The components in commercial laundry equipment are more robust and built to the most stringent commercial requirements.  For example, door locks on Miele Little Giants are tested to work 16 times a day for 17 years!

5. Water Regulation Compliance – it is a requirement for businesses to use laundry equipment which meets the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. Domestic machines are not certified for this. Miele Little Giants are certified to the highest standard possible – Fluid Category Level 5.

Commercial machines can come in varying sizes, from machines which look similar in size to a domestic machine (e.g. the Miele Professional Little Giant Range), up to 44kg capacity machines and above. They come in stacked models to help where space is an issue.

In the long run, as well as the advantages stated above, commercial machines save money compared to a domestic model due to their lifespan, robustness and efficiency.

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