At JTM Service we are experts in the supply, installation and service of commercial laundry equipment. We are often asked what is the difference between commercial washing machines and tumble dryers compared to domestic models?

Using the market leading Miele Professional Little Giants range of laundry equipment as an example, here are 5 key differences:

1. Long Lasting – a high quality commercial washing machines or tumble dryer is built to last. Miele Little Giants are tested for 30,000 cycles which is 6 times more than a domestic machine.

2. Shorter Cycle Times – commercial laundry equipment can wash and dry your laundry much quicker than a domestic machine. Miele Little Giants can wash and dry 8kg of laundry in 85 minutes, whereas domestic machines will take 2 ½ times longer!

3. Thermal Disinfection – infection control is critical in commercial premises. In healthcare, health guidelines specify temperatures to be achieved and the length of time for these to be held to achieve thermal disinfection. Specialist commercial washing machines like the Miele Little Giant range are designed and certified to achieve these.

4. Robust and Reliable – the components in commercial laundry equipment are more robust and reliable, being built to stringent commercial requirements. For example, the handles, hinges and door locks on Miele Little Giants are tested to perform for the equivalent of 16 times a day, every day for 17 years!

5. Compliance With The Water Regulations – businesses are required to use laundry equipment which meet the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. Domestic machines do not meet the commercial requirements, whereas as commercial laundry equipment such as the Miele Little Giants have Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (“WRAS”) approval and certification to the highest level – category 5.

We haven’t included size and cost in the above list. It is a common misconception that commercial equipment is always a lot bigger than domestic equipment, and it costs a lot more. Whilst commercial laundry equipment can be significantly bigger – for example at JTM Service we supply commercial equipment with drum capacity up to 44kg – this is not always the case, and the Miele Little Giant range of washing machines and tumble dryers mentioned above is the same size as domestic machines, with a footprint of less than 0.5m². In terms of cost, whilst the initial cost of a commercial machine will be more than a domestic, in the long run it will save money due to its performance, efficiency, robustness and long life.

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