We are delighted to have received great feedback recently from GFM, one of our Facilities Management customers. We support them in the Oncology Department at Castle Hill Hospital, Hull, and one of the ways we do this is by providing quarterly Temperature Validation Assessments on their thermally disinfecting dishwashers.

It is essential that the strictest standards of hygiene are achieved and maintained. The dishwashers on the Oncology wards at Castle Hill Hospital rely on thermal disinfection for infection control, and as a PFI Project, GFM need to evidence that the dishwashers are reaching and holding the temperatures required to achieve thermal disinfection. At JTM Service we supply and service their Miele Professional PG8059 Thermally Disinfecting Dishwashers, and we perform quarterly Temperature Validation Assessments. These enable us to read the temperature achieved every second of the cycle, and then produce a report and certificate to demonstrate this.

Wayne Goode, Facilities Manager at GFM, says “As a PFI Project we have accountability, and the ability to produce the evidence is critical. The quarterly temperature validation assessments JTM Service do for us let us know whether the dishwashers are working as we require, and we receive a quarterly report for each machine so we can evidence this. JTM Service are brilliant – the reporting is great, their engineers are friendly and helpful, and the reporting is sent promptly in a clear and concise format. I would highly recommend JTM Service”

To read the full case study please clink on this link – GFM Temperature Validation Case Study