Ever get the feeling your commercial laundry appliance is on its last legs? Warewasher not quite what it was? It might still be doing the job, but if your machine has become inefficient, it could be costing your business money.

But what does an inefficient appliance look like? And when is it time to think about an upgrade?

The most important thing to remember is that commercial laundry and warewashing appliances are not designed for life. They may be hardy pieces of kit, but like any appliance, they will experience wear and tear – and so would you if you were made to work that hard.

There are three main reasons why a business would upgrade.

The first is because their own operation has outgrown the appliance. Great – you know what to do here of course.

The second is because of inefficiency. A five-year-old dishwasher, for example, will use significantly more water than today’s most efficient models – and you might be surprised to learn how quickly you could recoup the investment through reduced running costs. Speak to your JTM service engineer to check this one out.

The third is because of poor results, inconsistent performance or increased service calls which are all a result of technical faults.

Technical faults may present themselves for all to see. On a warewasher this could be tank leaks (a sign that welds are weakening) or problems with water leaking from the boosters, while a washing machine might start to seem excessively noisy during a spin cycle indicating a problem with the bearings, for example.

Alternatively, it may be something hidden. If results are inconsistent or standards have slipped, then there is most likely a good reason. If you find you’re having to wash dishes twice, for example, then get to the bottom of it and stop throwing your money down the drain.

One thing is for sure, more often than not a series of technical faults indicate the end of that appliance’s lifetime. Think of it this way – when you feel like our engineers have become part of the furniture, it’s time to think about an upgrade!

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