You service all of your equipment religiously, you hired professionals to install it and you purchased the best machines you could afford for the sake of the environment and your pocket.


But what about the lint build up? The residual build up? And while we’re at it, what about your CP12 gas certificate? You see, keeping everything clean and above board is sometimes a little trickier than you think, especially when it comes to commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary ironers.

Don’t panic. We don’t compromise when it comes to giving you everything you need for your laundry room and that’s where our range of ‘special services’ comes in.

So go on, lose the lint, banish the build-up and read the riot act to residue with our tumble dryer duct cleaning service and rotary ironer cleaning cloths. Here’s how in three simple steps:

  1. Call JTM to book a tumble dryer duct cleaning at a time to suit you
  2. Tell them you want a rotary ironer cleaning cloth too
  3. Let the engineer in at the time arranged and put the kettle on – it’s the polite thing to do after all!

By the time your engineer is done, your tumble dryer will be working faster and better, consuming less energy and costing less money. And you’ll have received training on which bits of your rotary ironer to clean with your brand new cleaning cloth. Easy.

CP12 certificates

You might be surprised to learn that JTM can complete and issue your annual CP12 Gas Safety Certificate – a real plus for any loyal customers who want to experience the same levels of JTM service, for other areas of their business too.

Why not book it in with your next JTM annual service and get the lot done at once?

For more information on our special services give us a call on 0800 652 5692.