As standard as they may seem, commercial laundry facilities are an integral cog in the overall workings of many housing association environments.

From care to support settings, such as hostels and retirement housing, the type of environments in which laundry equipment is required is vast.

And with this vast range of environments comes a wide range of requirements, coupled with high demand, for commercial washers to perform time-and-time again.

It’s not uncommon for dozens of different pieces of commercial laundry equipment to be spread over many sites, from multiple different manufacturers, which can be a challenge to keep stock of when you’re responsible for tenants on a large scale.

But here’s the thing, commercial laundry rooms don’t necessarily have to be such a mission to run and take care of, not if you take care of your appliances

If you’re proactive about taking care of your commercial washers and dryers, then you can avoid the hassle that comes with dealing with breakdowns, steer clear of costly repairs and keep your residents happy.

And it doesn’t have to be a major headache to sort either, not if you invest in a comprehensive maintenance and breakdown service that’s designed to make your life easier. Take our Comfort Care package, for instance, it provides you with complete peace of mind that you won’t get caught out by any emergencies. Plus, with our 94.6% first-time fix rate, you can also rest assured that normal service will be resumed for your tenants in no time at all. So, you can now wave goodbye to the stress (and the image!) of your tenants’ dirty laundry steadily mounting up the next time one of your washing machines suddenly stops working!

Our package provides you with everything you need to keep everything running how it should be and without having to worry about any call-out charges or expensive repair bills either. It’s a win-win situation all around.