JTM nationwide commercial laundry rentals and servicing

What we’ve been up to in May and June

We’re a busy bunch here at JTM.

Maybe it’s because we’re market-leading providers of commercial laundry equipment and dishwashing equipment, or perhaps it’s the exceptional results we deliver.

Our work takes us right across Leeds and beyond, and involves working with businesses of all types. To give you more of a flavour of our capabilities, we’ve decided to capture what we do in this special Schedule Spotlight Series, which is designed to give you a regular sneak peek into our world.

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the projects we were called out to in May/June:

JTM nationwide commercial laundry rentals and servicing

Have you got a commercial washing machine or dryer that’s playing up? Or maybe your commercial dishwasher is underperforming? Perhaps you’d simply like to talk to someone about the efficiency of your machines?

Get in touch with JTM and our engineers will come out to diagnose the problem. We carry out a repair there and then, 94.6% of the time!

JTM fast response emergency engineers

Broken machine? We’ve got a 94.6% first-time fix rate!

We’re industry-leading commercial laundry equipment specialists and it’s a status that we’re incredibly proud to have achieved.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve consistently not just met, but exceeded our customers’ expectations and are renowned for our world-class maintenance service.

We’ve dealt with many a breakdown during this time and understand only too well the detrimental impact they can have on day-to-day operations.

It’s why we’ve always strived to minimise downtime and get our customers’ machines up-and-running again as quickly as possible and it’s our 94.6% first-time fix rate that’s enabled us to do this.

As part of our Comfort Care cover service, we’ve worked hard over the years to get our first-time fix rate up to 94.6%. This means that when a problem occurs, our experienced engineers will assess the situation and get to work on sorting it straightaway.

It’s always been our mission to improve the efficiency of our customers’ businesses and make sure they’re getting the very best results from their laundry equipment. In fact, it’s an approach that can help reduce the likelihood of breakdowns occurring in the first place.

Commercial laundry machines are large and complex. However, with spare parts in stock, and 350,000 available on next day delivery, we make sure we don’t cause unnecessary delays to our customers’ repairs simply because we’re waiting on spare parts.

But it’s not just our ability to access the right parts that help us pretty much put things right first time around, it’s our extensive experience and expertise, that makes our 94.6% first-time fix rate possible too.

One of the cornerstones of our business is providing an excellent service that’s delivered by excellent people. Our dedicated team includes engineers, office staff, sales personnel and senior management, who are all signed up to an on-going programme of personal development. This makes sure we’re continuously improving our service and maintaining our 94.6% first-time fix rate – now and for many years to come.

For more details about our service and repair packages or to find out more about our 94.6% first-time fix rate, get in touch with our team of specialists on [email protected] or 0800 652 5692.

Bring launder service in house with JTM Laundry equipment specialsts

How to ensure your laundry rooms don’t put you in a spin

As standard as they may seem, commercial laundry facilities are an integral cog in the overall workings of many housing association environments.

From care to support settings, such as hostels and retirement housing, the type of environments in which laundry equipment is required is vast.

And with this vast range of environments comes a wide range of requirements, coupled with high demand, for commercial washers to perform time-and-time again.

It’s not uncommon for dozens of different pieces of commercial laundry equipment to be spread over many sites, from multiple different manufacturers, which can be a challenge to keep stock of when you’re responsible for tenants on a large scale.

But here’s the thing, commercial laundry rooms don’t necessarily have to be such a mission to run and take care of, not if you take care of your appliances

If you’re proactive about taking care of your commercial washers and dryers, then you can avoid the hassle that comes with dealing with breakdowns, steer clear of costly repairs and keep your residents happy.

And it doesn’t have to be a major headache to sort either, not if you invest in a comprehensive maintenance and breakdown service that’s designed to make your life easier. Take our Comfort Care package, for instance, it provides you with complete peace of mind that you won’t get caught out by any emergencies. Plus, with our 94.6% first-time fix rate, you can also rest assured that normal service will be resumed for your tenants in no time at all. So, you can now wave goodbye to the stress (and the image!) of your tenants’ dirty laundry steadily mounting up the next time one of your washing machines suddenly stops working!

Our package provides you with everything you need to keep everything running how it should be and without having to worry about any call-out charges or expensive repair bills either. It’s a win-win situation all around.

JTM nationwide commercial laundry rentals and servicing

Commercial laundry repairs - a first time fix 94.6% of the time

Dealing with callouts all year round, we witness first-hand how a laundry system breakdown and commercial laundry repairs can hold up your entire business. And in the care or hospitality industry, this can be disastrous for the comfort and well-being of your residents.

We take breakdowns just as seriously as you do, and make it our aim to get your machines up and running again as quickly as possible so you can get back to caring for your customers.

As a part of our 24/7 Comfort Care cover service, we’ve worked hard to get our first time fix rate up to 94.6%. Our experienced engineers will come and assess the situation, and get to work straight away.

It’s our mission to improve the efficiency of your business, so part of our service is to make sure you’re getting the very best for your laundry equipment, and explain to you where issues may be occurring.

Commercial laundry and ware-washing machines are large and complex. However with spare parts in stock, and 350,000 available from next day delivery, we make sure we don’t have to cause unnecessary delays to your repair by waiting for new parts.

With the well-being of you and your customers in mind, we are always improving our service in order to benefit the efficiency your business. And we are proud to be able to solve the problem within a few hours of your call in at least 9 out 10 cases.

Want peace of mind that you are covered for a same-day solution 365 days of the year? You can benefit from JTM’s first time fix rate in under 8 hours of noticing a problem with our Comfort Care package. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

JTM Leeds based commercial laundry rentals and servicing

How soon will you be here?

“How soon will you be here?” That’s the crucial question we get asked by our customers when they are in the midst of an appliance failure or breakdown.

Machine downtime costs money no matter what sector you are in and when the equipment is crucial to service standards, then the rush to get it fixed is even more urgent.

We pride ourselves on offering service without compromise, especially during an emergency, which is why we have developed our repair and maintenance programme around this one crucial question – the question of speed.

Now, of course, with speed must come accuracy, quality and professionalism, which are all important when helping a business get back on its feet after an appliance breakdown – we take this really seriously and would never compromise on the quality of our work for a quicker completion time.

So with all that said, what’s the answer to the question? Well the answer is within eight hours of your call if you are covered by one of our care packages, which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty quick!

And don’t forget that our helpline is open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

More than just a speedy response

Now imagine you’ve called your JTM engineer because your commercial laundry equipment is on the blink and he arrives super-fast – you think he’s wonderful and make him a cuppa.

He then tells you that he doesn’t have the parts or can’t fix your machine until next week – you tip his cuppa down the nearest sink and switch to total panic mode, right?

Unrivalled service

Well just before you tear your hair out, remember this is service without compromise – we have a 94.6% first time fix rate and carry a host of spare parts in our van, which means this rarely happens. As for the other 5.4%, well sometimes machines really do need something a bit out of the ordinary, so in these cases will always endeavour to get you back up and running in the fastest possible time.

We are the only company in our sector to offer a service this comprehensive, with a 24 hour helpline for all of our customers – now that’s service without compromise.

emergency repair service for commercial laundry equipment

Breakdowns and emergency repairs - nobody panic!

Whether you run a care home or a café, a hotel or a hostel, a commercial dishwasher or washing machine breakdown is enough to send even the coolest customer into a spin.

Relax. We’ve got you covered with our emergency repair service which is comprehensive enough to solve your commercial laundry or warewashing emergency, no matter what.

Our dedicated 24/7 helpline is the only number you need to hand in the event of an emergency call out and with a team of highly trained emergency engineers, an eight hour response time and 350,000 spare parts in stock, there’s no wonder we have a 96.4% first-time fix rate.

Our emergency service is active 365 days of the year and contains a variety of benefits which we firmly believe are unrivalled throughout the UK.

So whether you’re having a commercial washing machine emergency or need an emergency dishwasher repair, there really is no need to worry so long as you have a JTM care plan in place – plus your first call out it completely free!

To find out more about which plan suits your business, and to start your cover today, call our knowledgeable team on 0800 652 5692.