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The right way to give your commercial washing machines a little TLC

There’s a right way to turning a tap on and there’s a right way to turning it off. There’s a right way to filling your car up with petrol and there’s also a right way to opening and closing a window.

There are plenty of ‘right ways’ to do things in life, including how to take care of your commercial washing machines.

These appliances are the workhorses of the commercial laundry world, providing care home teams with piles-upon-piles of clean laundry multiple times a day. They’re also the overlooked workhorse of the commercial laundry world.

You know that saying about your vehicles? If you look after them, then they’ll look after you? The same principle applies to your commercial washing machines, regardless of how new they might be or how often you use them.

Ideally, you should be having your appliances serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure they stay in tip-top condition and continue to provide you with optimum results. (For details about our industry-leading Comfort Care service, visit https://jtmservice.co.uk/comfort-care/).

In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to give your appliances a little TLC, here’s the right way to go about it:

Clean the door seal

You can do this by gently pulling back the seal between the door opening and the drum. Once you’ve done this, check for any foreign objects or trapped bits and clear them out.

Then check for any stains or buildup of grime or dirt. You can clean the buildup by using specialist washing machine cleaning wipes or by making a solution, comprising bleach and water (¾ cup of bleach mixed with one-gallon of water).

Sanitise the detergent tray

Trays can easily get clogged up with remnants of powder and liquid. But they can be easily cleaned by taking the tray apart (if applicable) and soaking it in hot water and mild soap for about 20 minutes.

Run a clean cycle

You can clean the inside of your washing machines by selecting the ‘clean cycle.’ When you run it, make sure you add ¼ cup of bleach to the bleach dispenser and run an empty load. This will help ensure dirt and grime doesn’t build up throughout your appliances. Try to get into the habit of doing this every few months.

Book regular maintenance services

The only way to guarantee a really thorough clean that covers every single element of your appliances is to arrange for a regular maintenance service. Having an annual service prevents the likelihood of unwanted breakdowns from occurring that are a) costly and b) can cause disruption to your business.

It can be easy to neglect your washing machines, but they play a fundamental role in helping you maintain health and safety standards and should be given a little TLC by you, and the professionals, every now and then.

Don’t neglect your care home’s workhorses, get in touch with us today to find out how our Comfort Care package can help you take care of them with minimal hassle and fuss at a monthly price to suit your budget.

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Checklist: How to maintain your laundry system for outstanding cleaning results

Your laundry system is vital to the everyday function of your business, which means the smallest of problems can have a widespread impact. However, most commercial laundry systems these days are built to last and, with the right maintenance, will operate without a glitch for several years.

The key to getting a reliable service from your laundry equipment is maintaining it. This checklist is designed to provide you with best practice guidance on taking care of your system and optimising its performance:

  1. Run a maintenance cycle every few months

Using your laundry system day-in-day-out can cause dirt and grime to rapidly build up. Running your machines on an empty cycle every month will help keep your system clean and ensure your laundry feels fresh after every wash.

We recommend running a maintenance wash without detergent and with the machine on its highest temperature setting for best results.

  1. Don’t overload your machines

Our professional laundry systems are built to handle heavy loads, but there’ll always be a limit specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding this limit and overloading your machines will result in less effective washes that’ll put a strain on your system and could even result in it breaking down.

If you find you’re regularly overloading your cycles to keep up with demand, it may be time to upgrade to a larger system. Why not talk to our team about designing a new system specifically for your business?

  1. Use professional laundry and warewashing detergents

Professional machines are built to be more powerful and durable than domestic appliances. And the same applies to the detergents you use.

We stock a range of cost-effective professional liquids and detergents that work alongside your machines to deliver maximum cleaning power. Highly concentrated, these detergents are built to combat stains on short, high-power cycles.

  1. Test the temperature of your machines

To ensure your machines are working at maximum efficiency, you need to know that they’re heating your water to the right level. We offer Periodic Temperature Valuation where an engineer will systematically test your equipment to check your machines are meeting the required performance guidelines.

To find out more about performance guidelines, read our blog ‘WRAS and the Water Regulation 1999 – Do you comply?’

  1. Get a regular maintenance service

As well as being a stipulation of most warranty policies, having an annual service prevents serious breakdowns that can be costly and could cause serious disruption to your business. A service takes as little as a couple of hours and gives you peace of mind that your machines are in top condition.

Want to make sure your laundry system is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible? Contact us today for a free site consultation.


Keep it clean! (and above board)

You service all of your equipment religiously, you hired professionals to install it and you purchased the best machines you could afford for the sake of the environment and your pocket.


But what about the lint build up? The residual build up? And while we’re at it, what about your CP12 gas certificate? You see, keeping everything clean and above board is sometimes a little trickier than you think, especially when it comes to commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary ironers.

Don’t panic. We don’t compromise when it comes to giving you everything you need for your laundry room and that’s where our range of ‘special services’ comes in.

So go on, lose the lint, banish the build-up and read the riot act to residue with our tumble dryer duct cleaning service and rotary ironer cleaning cloths. Here’s how in three simple steps:

  1. Call JTM to book a tumble dryer duct cleaning at a time to suit you
  2. Tell them you want a rotary ironer cleaning cloth too
  3. Let the engineer in at the time arranged and put the kettle on – it’s the polite thing to do after all!

By the time your engineer is done, your tumble dryer will be working faster and better, consuming less energy and costing less money. And you’ll have received training on which bits of your rotary ironer to clean with your brand new cleaning cloth. Easy.

CP12 certificates

You might be surprised to learn that JTM can complete and issue your annual CP12 Gas Safety Certificate – a real plus for any loyal customers who want to experience the same levels of JTM service, for other areas of their business too.

Why not book it in with your next JTM annual service and get the lot done at once?

For more information on our special services give us a call on 0800 652 5692.