If your business produces a large amount of laundry, outsourcing it may seem like the easiest option. But there comes a point when the mounting costs and added hassle of relying on a third-party begin to take their toll.

An on-site laundry is the next logical step.

However, businesses can sometimes have reservations. As commercial laundry specialists, we hear these concerns time-and-time again and we’re pleased we can offer honest, expert advice in response.

So, to help, we decided to pull a few of the concerns together and dispel the common myths often associated with using in-house laundry systems:

MYTH #1: ‘There’s a huge upfront cost’

This isn’t necessarily true. Although choosing an in-house laundry system is an investment, it doesn’t have to come with an excessive price tag. For instance, choose our Comfort Care package and you’re entitled to professional standard appliances with no upfront costs; just manageable monthly payments.

MYTH #2: ‘In-house systems take up too much room’

Although it’s true that you will need some space for your machines, it’s likely to be much less than you think. Market-leading machines have been developed to be streamlined and smaller and are stackable to make the most efficient use of your space. In fact, a fully functioning laundry system can now be fitted into a space as compact as 1 square metre!

MYTH #3: ‘The running and maintenance costs are extortionate’

This isn’t the case. In the long run, your running costs will actually be far lower than the cost of outsourcing your laundry.

We only fit laundry systems from the leading manufacturers and our machines are designed to be extremely efficient. Rapid cycle times enable you to carry out short, powerful washes, minimising the impact on your utility bills.

Not only that, but professional machines, such as those built by Miele, have proven lifespans of over 30,000 hours; which equates to a running time of 8 hours per day for over 10 years.

MYTH #4: ‘We won’t get our laundry as clean’

You will! The beauty of an in-house system is that you are in control of your own laundry and it isn’t pooled together (and potentially confused with) with other business’ tired and dirty linen.

The cleaning power of our machines means they do all the hard work for you and can be operated easily by any member of staff. What’s more, we offer Periodic Temperature Valuation to monitor efficiency and guarantee optimum performance throughout their lifespan.

Got any questions? Our expert team are more than happy to chat to you about how an in-house laundry system could save you time and money.  

We offer a free site consultation where we can assess your requirement and discuss the type of system that would benefit your business. Call us on 0800 652 5692 or get in touch online to arrange a consultation.